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image thumb65 Try As You May, Your Data Keeps Dripping Off Social Networks: User Data On Facebook, MySpace Leaked To Google And Yahoo

I guess no one should be surprised enough hearing this that social networks are leaking user information to a agencies. The news caught my eye earlier today that social networking sites, Facebook, MySpace have been caught leaking user data to ad networks like Yahoo’s Right Media and DoubleClick of Google. Weren’t these social networks vowing that they will never share user data with third parties, especially ad networks? I guess someone hacked into the social networking and sold data..

Putting the joke aside [if it passes as a joke], the social networks have released usernames and IDs to the ad platforms. Now if that is true by any means, these ad networks have more than just your username; access can be as deep as your employment history, location, etc. Upon being informed Facebook was prompt at taking action and altering the software to prevent such leaks and so are other networks which include MySpace, Digg, etc.

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image thumb94 One Year Ago Today: Summing Up The Weekend: 24 And 25 April 2009

Yes, I was very lazy last year and the post frequency was almost next to zero. Chances are pretty high that I missed out the most important news of the day(s) and would appreciate if our readers can help us reflect back on history.

If you covered an interesting story on April 24 and 25 please feel free to share with with a link back to your profile.

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CropperCapture14 thumb MySpace Gives Up Its Fight With Facebook! Implements Facebook Connect

There goes the bail on MySpace. Obviously the once leading social network has given up any and every idea of competing with Facebook in the social networking scene and decided to work with it. Not entirely but in certain manner as MySpace loosened up to implement Facebook Connect. This means the obvious that you can now login to MySpace using your Facebook ID.

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image thumb122 Another Blow To MySpace As 2010 Will Bring More Ad Revenues For Facebook

MySpace is the story of yesteryears and it appears its not just the popularity that the once leading social network has lost but revenues suffer the same. The killer? Facebook obviously.The latest report puts it quite clearly that in the year to come Facebook will very easily surpass the ad revenues of its rivals in 2010.

Shock, yet another one for MySpace that is desperate to figure out a way to retain some dignity. The numbers count that Facebook will have a substantial $600 Million worth of spending from the marketers compared to $385 Million for MySpace. That’s just a over half of what Facebook is munching next year. That isn’t much surprising to me nor it should be for anyone reading this. Facebook’s traffic and user base has Sky Rocketed in the last four months to a mammoth 350 Million user mark which continues to grow at the same rate. MySpace on the other hand has no where been in news save for newer strategies been sought to boost the use of the social network.

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image thumb30 iMeem Finally Acquired by MySpace

Is the air getting fresher with news of acquisitions and more improvements? We have had Firefox doing great in Germany, Google coming out with Goggles and  now MySpace surfaces with the completion of its acquisition of iMeem. The two had been busy with the acquisition talks, etc for quite some time until today when MySpace bagged the online music service for $1 Million in cash.

While MySpace has definitely paid some price to acquire it, the benefits it will reap will be great. The major being the shift of iMeem’s 16 Million a month users to MySpace, which is in dire straits to grab any and every possible visitor out there to keep itself stable. While it is good for MySpace, things wont be too pleasant for iMeem’s employees. The key players in the workforce; Founder Dalton Caldwell, COO Aly Aydat, CTO Brian Berg and VP of sales David Wade will look over the transfer, with their primarily role being of consultants to ensure a smooth transition.

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image thumb53 Fashion comes  to MySpace: MySpace Fashion, will it do as good as Music?

While MySpace must be seeing quite some trouble when it comes to generating revenue and of course the traffic, its CEO is definitely on to socialize all content. I guess the idea is to transform MySpace into an entertainment portal as it focuses more on its platforms other than the social network. MySpace Fashion is in news this time after the facelift of its interface. The site offers news on everything related to fashion and styles coming from both famed and new designers. The community has grown quite a lot with over 500,000 members from MySpace as well as non MySpace members and it attracts youngsters between the 18 and 26 year age bracket. I guess that is so because of the content that is available on the site which is primarily for the same age group.

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image thumb19 MySpace Ashamed: The once giant, cant live up to News Corps expectations

Facebook continues to grow but there is something wrong big time with MySpace. Not only is it lagging behind Facebook but the social network is doing so bad with its traffic that it might actually cost News Corp $100 Million. The once leading social network had signed up a $900 Million ad deal with Google back in 2006. The deal covered up the $580 Million cost of MySpace but that will cost News Corp dearly as it fails to maintain a minimum traffic level. Sadly MySpace is the only entity of News Corp which has registered a very negative output compared to others it owns. So what exactly is going to happen with MySpace? It’s definitely not going to shutdown, but what is going to open up the Pandora box of success for it? Facebook committing suicide perhaps.

MySpace thumb1 MySpace: Its not just execs but we plan to cut short products too
Wow, its not just the execs that are cut off from the MySpace branches, but so are the products. CEO Owen Van Natta made sure he was vocal about it as he spilled the beans on ripping off major products. Those most probably include Horoscopes, Calendars, Polls and Books. I guess this is all about shrinking the focus of MySpace and pulling it closer to more of an Entertainment social network. It appears that the decision or the plan is the brainchild of Jason Hirschhorn.

MySpace thumb MySpace hires Mark Rosenbaum as its CFO

New people continue to come joining MySpace team as the social network continues its managerial reforms. The new entrant amongst the execs is Mark Rosenbaum who takes charge as the social network’s first Chief Financial Officer. Mark previously provided advise on business and financial management to MGM apart from other key positions at Gemstar and tvguide.com. I just hope all these additions prove worth it and MySpace is able to progress further instead of remaining stagnant or worse falling even further behind Facebook.

image thumb52 MySpace expands Twitter Syncing, adds six more countries

MySpace has been busy syncing itself with Twitter and  it appears to have accelerated the process as it added half a dozen more countries. The service has been extended to Canada, India, New Zealand, UK, Australia and Ireland and users can visit the page here to sign up for the service. It has also got many celebrities syncing the two services, perhaps to win more users but the move itself is very positive. I would love to have stats on how many syncs have been performed so far and when exactly is MySpace planning to go global with this?

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