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Music on Facebook facebook music drum kit ShopTab Facebook Set To Launch Its Own Music Service In September

We might be in for a kick and a shake as the largest social network, aka Facebook is set to make waves with what could be its very own Music Service. Improvements, improvements all the way and Facebook for sure is speeding up to be the most dominant force on the Web.

The reports come in from CNBC that predict the date for the launch of the Service on September 22, this is the same time when the social network will also be hosting the f8 Developers conference. The reports have been in round for quite a long time, beginning with what could have been Facebook’s partnership with leading music streaming service, Spotify. Apparently that didn’t happen, but we had sniffed the interest of Facebook in the same and it was only a matter of time before it would materialize into something real.

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image thumb70 Talk About Appled Musicians: Could She Be The First iPad Street Musician Playing The Sitar?

Have an iPad? You have every reason to cling to the device and being one of those technically advanced folks. Somehow I noticed that whoever has the device appears to do everything on it or at least pretends to, be it being logged on to Twitter or Facebook all the way to reading your feeds or emailing. But there are two things I would personally love doing two things on it, playing games and music.

The girl in the video below might have managed to become the first iPad Street Musician. She was caught playing sitar on her iPad and looks as if she is quite involved doing so. I am sure she isn’t the first one to be doing this and there are more. If you happen to have produced a tune that you think is going to have people appreciating it, do share it with us and we will post it on our blog. Who knows all such techie musicians can come together and give all the nerds a taste of an Apple-ish music?

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image thumb21 Why Challenge Facebook When Apple’s iTunes Is Easy Too? Google iTunes Killer Coming This Christmas

Apple is set to face a daunting task from, Google in the area it has dominated for quite some time now. I bet, despite all the superiority Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad has, it most definitely curses the Android platform. The primary reason being its massive growth, stepping into the Tablet arena [the Samsung Galaxy Tab being one] and the smartphones need no mention. But there’s another one coming this holiday for Apple supremo, Steve Jobs; Google Music.

Google Music is planned to release by the upcoming holiday season and Andy Rubin is working hard to make it possible. The new music download service will be a direct challenge to Apple’s iTunes and would be seamlessly be integrated with Google’s Android mobile operating system. The strategy is to initially release a music download service before heading on to become a subscription based service in the coming year. The entire service will be cloud based.

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image thumb7 Apple Announces The Super Nano: iPod Nano With Touch

I run, I work out, I cycle and doing all that with an iPod or with my mobile device playing music is a bit difficult. I am always cautious about dropping the device and suffering a major loss. There are cheaper, smaller MP3 players but I am game for a quality product. Appears Apple has just got the right product for us all with the new iPod Nano, exactly as had been predicted earlier today.

The new iPod Nano is nano to its very design, squarer, with dimensions shrunk by 46% and the weight reduced by half. It will boast a touch screen, which is a super great addition, primarily because the size is so small. The sad news is that Apple has removed the camera, which the last version had, but then it was larger and heavier.

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image thumb4 Tastebuds: Dating With A Musical Twist

Isn’t the Internet really becoming a larger than life thing, especially when it comes to relations? No, I am not going to mention Facebook or other social networks resulting in ugly divorces but how relations can be built and people, err, singles can become couples. Doesn’t make sense does it? But Tastebuds is doing exactly that. Not necessarily helping singles get involved in a relationship but make acquaintances based on the likeliness of their taste for music.

Created by two musicians based in London: Julian Keenaghan and Alex Parish. The idea was brought forth seeing other dating websites failing to get things done. Tastebuds tries to remove the clichéd method of bringing people closer; that of telling each other about their interests, favorite colors and God knows what else. You love Rolling Stones or Sting and there is someone out there who has love for exactly the same, Tastebuds lets you know about people who share the same taste in music, believing that this might be a good criteria for you to date or at least make friends with.

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image thumb108 Spotify Gets An Update, Gets Hooked To Social Evil Of Facebook And Still For Europe Only

While Spotify continues to keep itself locked in Europe it isn’t keeping itself away from making improvements. The latest release of the desktop client for the cloud based music service. This would enable users to better manage their music online and more importantly integrate better social sharing features.

The more mentionable feature is Library, this would enable a much improved import features to help you integrate your music with Spotify. Other features include:

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image thumb90 Startup: Audiggle Lets You Listen, Explore And Identify Music From Your Desktop [Tool]

I listen to songs almost every time I am writing these posts. But it gets a bit irritating at times when I am not able to tell the artist’s name or to put it simply; recognize what music is being played. You have music recognition services for the mobile devices like the iPhone app from Shazam but the desktops lack one such app, don’t they? Welcome Audiggle, a startup that is dedicated to providing you with a software that helps you know what music you are playing with its desktop app.

The best part is that you can use the software and avoid the trouble of searching for artist’s and music information on Google. I seriously have huge issues and most of the times give up on digging out details on music. You don’t have to close yourself up to play a track, perhaps you hear soundtrack of Brave Heart, or watching a YouTube where the background music allures your ears, Audiggle has details on any music from any source.

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image thumb17 Facebook Connect’ iTunes: Apple Continues To Get More Social

Facebook Connect iTunes, no matter how incorrect it sounds grammatically Apple is planning to do the same; bring Facebook Connect functionality to iTunes. This would do the obvious, update your friends on the latest purchase you have made at the store. Quite a bit of promotion tactic, but I find it coming at quite a bad time. Why?

Well remember our earlier post about how a woman’s application was stripped off the App Store earlier when she created the same for the iPad? Of course that was an app in particular and the iTunes deals with songs but if Apple really wants such an open integration with Facebook, it must also open up the same for reporting content it strips off its stores or iTunes so that users are well aware. I mean using the same to talk about the goodies for your firm, you should also bring quite some openness to the policies due to which you moderate content.

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image thumb13 Absolut Vodka Brings Jay Z’s NY Z To Facebook, Thanks To ABSOLUT Fan Page

Well you might be too far to attend Metallica’s concert in Israel at half a price thanks to Facebook and even more as they might not be held in your city, but complain not! At least Jay-Z fans who are spread across the globe. The artist has made up a deal with Absolut Vodka to bring his fans a latest documentary titled; NY-Z.

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image thumb140 Muziic App Comes Fishing Music For Your Facebook

What makes Facebook a winner? Well I think the winning point is that it brings or plans to bring the entire Web onto the Social Network. We have been talking about its exponential growth, how it has become a platform for businesses. Other than that the app makers have seen a booming growth in their usage and with greener pastures available more apps continue to push in and an addition is Muziic.

The app will be of great use for all the music fans on the social network. Although there are quite a lot of music apps already, Muziic stands different in a way that it lets you play music the moment you add the application, which include features songs plus lets you perform searches for music you are looking for. Now one thing to keep in mind is that all the music is pulled in from YouTube [which really doesn’t appeal much to me]. However the winning point is that it lists numerous radio stations which are quite impressively organized so that you don’t have to do all the squandering around when it comes to finding the right station. That does sound impressive and with the promise of no ads flooding your experience, you are in for what you want from the app, music.

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