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image thumb35 Facebook: It Is Great To Build Connections, But Know Who You Add!

You really have to be more than just smart to figure out the bad guy on the Web. Especially on your darling social network. I might sound rude here and my apology for that, but the sort of stories that have been read and put up on the Web it just seems trusting folks online is a default act of many. Call them innocent or the players being very clever with their task. Many innocent folks fall prey to these. To prove that point another woman has reported that she was raped by her Facebook date.

The man accused is Ronald Rhodes, a 22 year old guy who influenced an 18 year old woman to go on a date with him and then raped her, recording the whole thing and blackmailing her to do the same again if she needed to live along with cash. The man is in jail, fined with $500,000, forced rape, kidnapping, being a few charges put against him. The punishment he deserves should be much more severe, given that he is already an enlisted sex offender.

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image thumb38 Facebook Taken Too Seriously: Man Murders Ex Girlfriend..

While we might continue to report on the fun and highly profitable side of Facebook the social network carries the scars of horror. In a most shocking report today, a man was accused of killing his ex girlfriend. The reason? Simply because the man saw his ex girlfriend photo album that had her with another guy.

The guy had murdered her back in 2009 when he came to know about this. Apparently the wasn’t cheating on him or anything and she had tried to bring an end to their relationship appropriately and didn’t inform him that she was now with a new friend. But I guess it wasn’t too easy for the guy to tolerate that and like any wild beast he resorted to the most heinous act.

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