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image thumb8 The Pirate Bay Documentary Maker Fetches $34,000 To Bring Us TPB Story

Often people waste loads of video footage that they have compiled over years by just not being creative enough. They might have videos on the worst storms or the most memorable moments, or better still those about big companies and their tales. Not Simon Klose though. The documentary filmmaker claims to have more than 200 hours of unedited footage, which he plans to turn into a full length feature by the name of, The Pirate Bay: Away from Keyboard.

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image thumb60 Twitter Follows Facebook Movie With A Funny YouTube Parody

If Facebook does it so should every other social network. Well at least create a mock. There has been a lot of hype with the upcoming Facebook movie; The Social Network and it has caused quite some parodies coming up. But this Twitter Movie trailer quite hilariously puts the purpose of Twitter in motion.

The mock is being titles The Twit Network and is hitting hard on the Social Network trailer , highlighting a few facts added with exaggerated bits on Twitter cofounders; Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone and Ev Williams. I particularly liked the man bleeding and asking his wife to call 911 and she, pretty like any Twitter addict wonders if they too have a Twitter handle.

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image thumb80 Facebook Movie: The Social Network Set To Release In October [yawn] 

So now we will have Hollywood vomiting Facebook as well. Sony Pictures just released the trailer of the first ever movie on the social network, but the same name: The Social Network, aka the Facebook movie. The movie is set to be released in October this year. It’s one movie I am looking forward to …… not.

The movie is based on the book by Ben Mezrich titled The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook and God knows what else. The book is based on the new centuries phenomenon, the story of Mark Zuckerberg, the founding of Facebook alongside its co-founder Eduardo Saverin and how it was money and not a woman that divided the two friends. It stars Jesse Eisenberg of the Zombieland and Adventureland portraying Mark Zuckerberg, Andrew Garfield as Saverin and Justin Timberlake as the founder of Napster. The movie has been written by Aaron Sorkin with the directional expertise of David Fincher.

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image thumb25 Speculations: Justin Timberlake to star in Facebook Movies?

Well Facebook is set to begin production of its movie, The Social Network next month. Moving ahead of rumors reports state that the caste for the movie have Justin Timberlake and Jesse Eisenberg.Timberlake will play Sean Parker, Facebook’s existing President. The movie is based on the book The Accidental Billionaires, with writing done by Aaron Sorkin and director David Fincher as members of the board. The budget dedicated for the production is $47 Million, which is fairly high.

Do our readers have any tip on the cast or a say on what the movie is going to be about?

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