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image thumb38 More Smartphone Users Prefer Android Over The iPhone [Graphs]

We have reported a countless times of Google leading the race when it comes to smartphone shares. The Android has grown and is growing by leaps and bounds as more smartphone consumers opt for the Android OS. The iPhone has its own dominance but its shares have been dropping down. That by no means should indicate that the iPhone is a bad device or that Steve Jobs’ aging craziness has driven people away from it.

I keep an eye on trends and lookout for reasons why Android is going. Lets keep aside the Android being an excellent OS, lets keep aside the freedom it gives to developers with its Open Environment to regularly update apps in the Android Market Place. Put aside the fact that Apple with its strict policing of the App Store turns your hair gray before your app makes it to the store. Even put aside the hard work that the developer teams put up to bring you jailbreak tools like Limera1n, GreenPoisOn, etc to enable you to use the non-App Store apps. That’s creating a paradox, isn’t it? Let me come to the point.

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image thumb36 Zong Telecom Introduces The Cheapest Android Smartphone: IDEOS On Froyo At Less Than $200 In Pakistan

When you say Android or Apple iPhone people by default think it’s about high priced only for rich smartphones. They aren’t wrong initially, especially in Pakistan where people would want a nice phone with maximum features but affordable enough for everyone. I mean iPhone 4 can cost you a good $1,000 and the cheapest Android Handset from HTC would be $350 plus. These phones, being really worth the price aren’t one meant for everyone’s pocket. However Zong Telecom, keeping the whole price factor and user demand in sight has introduced an all new handset running on the Android version 2.2 aka Froyo.

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image thumb6 When Is Windows Phone 7 Releasing? Official Date For The US Is October 11

While all of us have been waiting, anticipating or asking when are the Windows Phone 7 coming? There have been rumors stating that the HTC powered based on the Windows Phone 7 will be coming late in October or even by November to the folks in the US. But be prepared to embrace the official launch of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 on October 11.

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clip image002 Motorola DROID R2 D2 Coming On September 30, Riding On Verizon

Recall Motorola going the George Lucas’ way with a special release of their Android based phone? Well if you had been one of those waiting for the R2-D2 Droid from Motorola then wait no more as Verizon hints at the device will be in stores on September 30. I just wonder if this release would encourage an epic collection of Star Wars’ collection.

The device will be the second generation of the DROID 2 with an R2-D2 touch to it. It will also boast an updated 1.2 GHz processor compared to the 750MHz that powered the DROID 2. Other than looks of the R2-D2 it would also have the R2-D2 ringtone and sounds for notifications, a clock widget, four live wallpapers and a bonus binoculars app. Let me just clarify, that the 1.2GHz processor is not yet confirmed, which if not true will be quite a disappointment. I mean if looks are all that matter, they can even try to turn Barbie into a Doll Mobile?

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image thumb64 Its Really Cool To Pee In Your Pants! Nokia Android War Goes A Video Ahead

A day or two back Nokia’s outgoing head, Anssi Vanjoki had great thoughts to share on the Android Platform. Honestly I was disappointed, more than I was when Steve Jobs acted like a whiner and blamed ever phone in the universe having the Antennagate issue. The respectable head, while talking to Financial Times was of the opinion that people using Android are like Finnish boys who pee in their pants to keep themselves in the cold Finnish winters. How sick! How irresponsible and downright lame!

Well Google has been quite, which I think is good as Google doesn’t need to stoop to such low level. But folks at TechCrunch shared a video by Eclectic Method which takes the Nokia VS Android battle … a video forward. Enjoy!

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image thumb60 Pictures Of Windows Phone 7 HTC HD7 / HD3 Leaked

My post yesterday on the Windows Phone 7 and its comparison with the iPhone 4 sounded a bit too biased. I agree on that opinion from the couple of commentators. The primary reason was the Windows Phone 7 looked dull on that LG by all means and I won’t take back my opinion on that. However there is better hardware coming from HTC and we have got pictures of those.

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image thumb52 Gmail App For Android Gets Revamped, Brings Priority Inbox To Your Mobile

There’s nothing better than Google’s Gmail and even better if you are using the HTC Desire running on the Android Platform. The latest is bound to make Android users happier as the latest version of the Gmail App is now available on the Android market. Meaning users now don’t need to wait for the Android update to get the latest app.

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image thumb45 Transform Any Screen Into A Touchscreen With Nokia Plug And Touch

Nokia has some great concepts and lets not hammer them for losing out in the smartphone battle with the iPhone and Google Android OS. Nokia recently released three new models of its smartphones, the Nokia E7, C7 and the C6 running on the Symbian 3 and the Nokia N8 a couple of days back. All those look promising, but this latest video from the Nokia World has impressed me more than anything else.

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image thumb30 We Will Be Back! Nokia Adopts The Spartan Spirit To Beat iPhone, Android.. Hopefully

Nokia is back… once again with a series of smartphones set to hit the markets by Christmas. I think the cell phone manufacturing goliath might very well be anticipating to give the likes of Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android phones and the BlackBerry smartphones. The entire Nokia management is confident about Symbian 3 taking its mobile devices to the next level.

The new devices set to be released are the E7, C6 and C7 as well as the Nokia N8. And be sure that the cell phone maker crashed heavily on Apple, with Steve Job’s allegations of the Nokia devices having the Antennagate issue as well, just like the iPhone 4. First up with Apple shamelessly stealing the Nokia Phrase Connecting People and using it to market their own iPhone. That was absolutely lame of Apple in the first place. The smartest folks at Apple can design a revolutionary hardware and a mobile operating system but can’t create their own slogan and catchy phrases.

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image thumb155 How To: Manually Power Your Droid Incredible With Froyo

Not many are patient enough to wait for things to come to them, they would gladly rush into things. I am one example, I have the HTC Desire running Android 2.1 and I am impatient for a better method on how to install Froyo on Desire. However there is some good news for Droid Incredible users as Verizon is pushing the manual update for the Froyo.

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