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image thumb62 Honeycomb Will Be Android Version 2.4 Not 3.0 [Rumor]

Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread has blessed numerous Android based devices and we have been a bit confused on what the next version is going to be. I initially thought that Google would readily let go of the 2.x version after Froyo and that the next update would be 3.x. Wrong I was and I might just be wrong for the next update too.

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When Computerworld’s report read that Nokia is planning a really busy 2011, I was a bit lost. Isn’t that what they have been doing or at least trying to do since 2008? We have seen that the devices so far released haven’t really left a desired impact on the mobile market with the sudden burst of so called high end, revolutionary smartphones in the form of Nokia N97, Nokia N900 and the very recent Nokia N8 that qualifies as a pretty decent attempt.

image thumb54 Nokia Plans To Make 2011 Big, Eyes Dual Core Phones And “True Zoom Camera”

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image thumb31 Google Nexus S Revealed, in Markets on December 16. Features beat All Android Phones

Out is the Google Nexus One from HTC and the Nexus line of the Google Android phones. This time as we had earlier reported, it is coming from Samsung and is called the Nexus S, not quite surprised with the Samsung’s S hooked to it. The release of the device had been shoddy specially associated to be coming with Gingerbread, but as reported a couple of days back, it has finally come out on December 6.

The markets will have the Google Nexus S available on December 16, a good 9 days before Christmas to give you the right amount of time to buy it as a gift. For yourself first and then for those you care for or vice versa. The Google Nexus S will be available unlocked on T-Mobile online plan from Best Buy and its Mobile Stores in the US and will shortly make it to the Best Buy and Carphone warehouse in the UK, December 20 onwards. The Google Nexus S will be priced at $529 in the US and £549 in the UK [this is the unlocked price].

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The White iPhone has been the talk of the day for many days. The rumors have been ringing in loud since Steve Jobs first announced the release of the iPhone 4. There have been delays, change of launch dates and a cancellation altogether. Latest reports have however confirmed that the white iPhone 4 is not releasing this, not even on Christmas.

image thumb24 The White iPhone 4 on Sale in Spring… 2011

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image thumb19 The Sony PlayStation Phone Zeus Z1 On Android Gingerbread Hands On [Video]

The Android phones have done remarkably well. At least for one biggest reason that they the Google Mobile OS is not confined to a particular handset or a carrier much like the Apple iPhone. We have been hearing now and then about an all new Android phone from Sony Ericsson. The best bit about the gadget is that Sony is merging its mobile with the PlayStation to bring us the PlayStation Phone. And these are no longer rumors.

The device will come powered by the latest Android version called the Gingerbread. And will feature the Sony PlayStation Portable like keys. The PlayStation Phone is called the Zeus Z1 and with so many videos being leaked now and then, I am sure we will be having this in the markets by early January or maybe by Christmas.

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image thumb20 T Mobile UK Promises To Release Android Froyo Update For Samsung Galaxy S – May Your Patience Bear Fruit At Last!

If you are one of those in the United Kingdom and happen to own Samsung Galaxy S on Android 2.1 from T-Mobile you need to praise the supreme beings at T-Mobile to release Froyo today. It has definitely taken longer and a definite test of patience comes to an end. However don’t be too happy as T-Mobile has given a disclaimer that they will try their best to release it today. More wait? I hope not!

But I guess it really won’t matter much since users will only have to wait an extra day if T-Mobile does fail to release it on the date mentioned. You will however be able to update your Samsung Galaxy S to Android 2.2 aka Froyo via the KIES the following day.

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image thumb5 Android 2.3 Gingerbread Coming To Google Nexus One Soon As Google Puts Off Nexus Two Release

While I was away taking time off, I missed out the Samsung Mobile Event in New York and the possibility of the Samsung/Google Nexus Two. The news is that the release of the Nexus Two from Samsung has been delayed owing to some hardware issues in the device. Glad, Google didn’t rush with the release as it would have been quite a big blow to both Samsung and Google, in my humble opinion.

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image thumb3 Android 3.0 Gingerbread Releasing On November 11! Right After The Rumored Google Nexus Two Release

There has been quite a lot of talk about Gingerbread and we are well aware that is the next version of the Android. The Android 2.3 / 3.0 as we would put it in numbers. This Android 3.0 aka Gingerbread is expected to be rolled out on November 11 as reported.

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image thumb86 Facebook Mobile Coming Out Next Week? Expect Anything At The Facebook Mobile Event On November 3 [But Please Not Another Smartphone!]

Facebook Mobile might be in the making! If this rumor is by any means true, I guess it is decided that every big firm is following the donkey path out there. Apple made it big with its iOS devices in the form of the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. Google extended further from being the Web giant to taking over the mobile scene with its Android Platform, Microsoft too getting their butt kicked to totally revamp their Windows Mobile to Windows Phone 7,. bringing in a much refined product. Oh and I almost forgot the Android Tablet to compete the iPad, RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook and what not.

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image thumb66 How To Unlock Angry Birds Locked Worlds On Android [Video]

I am a big fan of the Angry Birds on my Android based HTC Desire and there is not a day when I don’t kill time playing it. But seeing those unlocked worlds makes me angry, firstly because it is a huge pain to unlock these by playing. And secondly who has all the time when there is a day job, a blog to maintain and Formula 1 news to follow and write on? I don’t and a bit of work around had me with this step step by guide on how to unlocked Locked Worlds on Angry Birds on Android.

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