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image thumb126 Eterno Infotech launches mobile app that brings Indian Dailies to you phones

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image thumb119 HTC Hero, will be the first Android based device to have Flash, iPhone you can continue sleeping

I guess Apple has some serious issues with Flash and vice versa as it appears that the iPhone might probably be the last hardware to have Flash running. Keeping that aside for now, HTC is all set to be the first cell phone manufacturer to bring Adobe Flash to the Android. This would make HTC to be among the first devices to let mobile users have complete access to web content based on Flash. The new device from HTC, HTC Hero will come loaded with Flash Lite 3.1, which will make it more interactive and have access to more than 80% of the online videos based on Flash. You can watch this in action here.

image thumb101 Microsoft has got Bing Binging and so Bing Mobile is coming (not a complete overhaul)

I guess Microsoft isn’t taking any chances when it comes to its latest attempt at search with Bing. The search engine has already gained quite a bit of share and hence Microsoft is preparing to step into the mobile market with it as well. This isn’t going to be a total overhaul of the site like it was done with the web page but the name might be changing. We aren’t sure but there have been reports with screenshots to stand supporting this.

image thumb81 Palm Pres dreams of iTunes Sync are short lived, hints Apple

Palm Pre had been boasting about its ability to enable users to sync their device with iTunes. But that might not last for long as Apple has taken notice of this and has stated that such technical breakthroughs are short lived. Meaning that if such a thing work outs presently, any update to the iTunes would render all such integration useless. Although it hasn’t been specific about Palm Pre, but it’s obvious that it made a mentioned of all such third party media devices. Well if this turns out to be true, the Palm Pre is going to have problems selling the devices.

image thumb68 Boingo Wireless comes to Android Smartphones as well

Boingo Wireless that makes WiFi access on mobile devices and laptops easy around 100,000 or more global hotspots, will now be available for the Android phones. Earlier the firm had introduced the same for the iPhone and iPod Touch. As the Android based devices ready to storm the market, this would make users to have an easy access to the web using its WiFi services across all major airports, restaurants and hotel chains. You can download the application here.

image thumb44 Nokia will have Qik preloaded on all S60 based phones

It appears that Qik is pretty serious about the idea to dominate the live mobile video blogging area globally and has quite succeeded as it will now come preloaded in all S60 based Nokia phones. Meaning that you will now have the application ready to run on your devices. This is definitely a big achievement for Qik as it will now be more readily usable by users.

image thumb28 AvantGo gives up, Will not be provided Web Content to your Mobile

AvantGo that had been providing users of old PDAs and mobile users with a client to read news on their devices is pulling down its shutters. The client enables users to read full articles on their hardware. It appears that with the advent of more powerful devices like the iPhone, etc that include powerful browsers, readers, etc AvantGo has been forced to make a turn on its working model. Presently users are being directed to Snac, its new application that provides users access to numerous sites like, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

image thumb82 Nokia officially launches Ovi Store and accompanying issues as well

Nokia officially launched its mobile content and application marketplace; the Ovi Store today. The store is another attempt by the Finnish handset makers to grab a solid share in the market as it continues to see a drop in revenues. The launch itself was hindered by a few bumps as users failed to access the store upon its launch, which was most probably due to the sudden surge in traffic. Now this might happen if the traffic makes a sudden jump, but it was quite careless of Nokia to not pay attention to this issue. Primarily because the store holds a lot of importance for the handset manufacturers and when you have a lot of stakes on a product or service you need to make sure it’s closest to perfection. There were also reports that stated issues with apps appearing and disappearing at will and an extended time taken by pages to load. Feel sorry for what happened and I hope it didn’t really put off all the people behind the Ovi Store and they make the experience at the store even better.