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image thumb31 Zokem Raises 2 Million Euros For Sharing Your Mobile Activity

I remember talking to Ludovic Gaudé, CEO about Zokem, the Finnish startup that provided the app for your mobile to share your activity with connections. The application on your smartphone turned your activity on the phone and had it distributed using its on device sensor technology. You could be listening to music, trying to call in your friend or playing a game, whatever you did was on the main site being recorded and shared.

Arctic Startup reports that the startup has raised a healthy 2 Million Euros in funding and has adopted a new methodology to grip how consumers use their mobiles. Called the Zokem 360°, it enables the technology to better grip user activity on the phones and make it more useful for anyone who can utilize data. My only problem when I used the application was that it had too much control of the information I shared and honestly, it tracked a lot of my behaviour.

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XIHA  which means fun or happy in Mandarin Chinese is the world’s first multilingual social network. The users base at XIHA Life consists of students, travelers and people who are looking to learn new language from the native speakers and makes it easier for sharing thoughts, ideas in an easy and efficient manner. How? Well the network provides users a platform where they can communicate with each other utilizing it for language recognition, filtering and real time translation methodologies. It’s like simple chat, where users can read and write content in multiple languages and no doubt the social network has had massive following across 200 countries with users speaking more than 50 languages. Those are great numbers and the addition of the multilingual chat room, where you can chat in your own language just like the rest of the people involved however all the content you read is translated into your native language using Google translate and provides subtitling to each sentence written, something that  would greatly help  foreign language students. Plus it has real time search, which is pretty useful for users to find the place where something of their interest is being discussed.

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image thumb1 WreckAMovie: The company that knows there is someone on the Dark side of the Moon

It sounds too clichéd to say that the Internet has evolved, when everyone knows it has like everything else but to be honest people are utilizing it to the maximum. I visited WreckAMovie and the folks there have really put collaborative networking to great use. They have build up a platform where people from around the globe can come and contribute in any way to create a movie, lets say someone from Germany sends photographs, another one in Mexico would do the animation bit, etc and they have an all new idea put together into production. ‘Break the Hollywood model’ I am not sure if that is there motto or not but they surely have a huge market they can leverage to launch their productions. ShipWreck is one example, I never really knew that the film ever existed and had been downloaded in millions. Wow. But I just had one thing, since they are using so much collaboration there, doesn’t it get a bit to confusing to filter out what exactly one would require and if they do have some moderation over what comes in. It presently has 1000 plus users which is bound to increase over time, but how will they manage all those ideas, contributions when the number goes into hundreds of thousands? I bet they will find a way as they grow, but so far the whole thing looked fabulous and I really look forward to Iron Sky, their next production to be worth all the efforts they put. Not to forget the 5 Million Euros the financers have backed them up with.

I hope you all would love watching the long video, perhaps the founders have better explained it.

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The videos are from Demola in Tampere, Finland after the MindTrek Event. Loved the place and how they are getting the students come together under one roof to make the best of the facilities provided. There is a lot to learn here, where innovation comes to life, no doubt they have some interesting ideas that they plan to develop, perhaps as businesses in the future.

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image thumb MindTrek Launchpad: Zokem, share your life automatically

I used Zokem and I liked the idea behind the app: letting you share your life automatically. The application works pretty smooth and the first part is its available globally not just confined to one single country initially, which is the case with many apps. Its CEO, Ludo appeared to be quite excited presenting the idea to the audience, but you can’t really blame him especially if you have an interesting idea and more importantly you need others to learn about it. What I primarily found the issue to be with the app is how it can be monetized or what exactly is it going to monetize? Is it the user information that is being shared or what? I don’t see anything else that it can take up to build up a revenue model. There is somewhat a confusion associated to this or maybe there needs to be a lot more clarity about what exactly the startup plans to create for itself a business model.

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