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image thumb107 Hiring open at Microsoft Stores... why is everything about Microsoft so Corporate ish?

Hiring is now open at Microsoft Stores: Mission Viejo, CA and one in Scottsdale AZ. Microsoft is looking for tech savvy folks who can help customers identify the best Microsoft product that meets their needs and are able to resolve their issues. That’s about it, but Siegler did bring about an interesting comparison between Apple and Microsoft Stores and the designation they give to the various categories of employees. For example a Retail Technical Advisor at Microsoft Store is called a Genius at the Apple Store, pretty obvious, Apple will always try and keep things meaningful but definitely not tight assed cool, something which more or less defines what Apple is. I can bet that people would definitely find a drastic difference at how they are being attended to at the two stores, do they or do they not?

image thumb106 Wolfram Alpha going all bingy as it signs deal with Bing

Computational Knowledge engine, Wolfram Alpha wasn’t just sitting there all summer impressing folks with its results sort of. The search engine has had some thing going on all this time before it spilt out that it had signed a deal with Bing. Though Wolfram Alpha hasn’t really made huge leaps in terms of progress compared to the ever growing popularity of Bing, the search engine does provide better results for queries that involved computational. Now if we take Bing, it gives results for almost anything you are searching and in a different way for different categories of search, but then Microsoft had more than a $100 Million to invest in its advertising alone. But I guess there is plenty of room for this deal to grow if only Wolfram Alpha steadies it growth amongst users and do something about the quacked results it sometimes throws on users.

image thumb103 Microsoft doesnt want to compete with anyone but itself in Mobile OS, to roll our Windows Mobile 6.5 and 7 together

It’s tough to live up to the challenge, especially if you are tipped against the innovation of the Android and the iPhone. Microsoft knows how tough it is and has taken its strategy to a different level as it plans to release two platforms to compete with Android and iPhone separately. Its Windows Mobile 6.5 will be for the Android while WinMo 7 will move head on to challenge iPhone. Come again please, what exactly is the purpose? I would have rather gone with all my bits and pieces after a newer version and forgotten about the traditional OS it has been offering. On the contrary, version 6.5 doesn’t look all that dry compared to the previous versions and it might just offer the right stuff for the many smartphones that run on Windows Mobile.

image thumb90 Tata Adobe! Mike Downey heads over to Microsoft, focus will be Silverlight

After serving Adobe for almost a decade, Mike Downey thinks its time to side with competition. He has joined Microsoft and his job focuses on Silverlight, the Adobe Flash competitor. The reason for his departure is that he wants to be a part of the evolution process of the Web and not a part of a system that appears to be now complete to a certain extent if not all. Interesting and quite justified, we have seen many execs, veterans do the same as they always feel the urge to be a part of a growing entity rather than sit firm in a place that has reached the maximum or at least close to it.

image thumb66 Twinslator: No more Lost  in Translation

Find yourself stuck when you can not comprehend and follow a tweet in other languages. You have two ways to avoid such a situation either to learn different languages or simply get the text translated in real time through Twinslator. It is a real time translation app that allows users to put there posts in several different languages. This has the potential to be a profitable  as it can increase your followers and enable you to approach those who speak different languages.

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image thumb58 Microsoft is finally set to launch Zune HD on September 15

With all the trouble and anxiety it had caused with its launch date, Microsoft has at last given the final date for the Zune HD launch; September 15. Microsoft will offer two models, the 16GB Black Zune for $219.99 and the $289.99 32GB Zune HD Platinum with radio, web browsing, HD video output and touch screen. What makes Zune HD stand better than an iPod is its inclusion of WiFi streaming, Radio and a few other features. But I guess the coming of Radio makes it even more useful and might have more users grabbing the devices. The advance sales have already begun at Amazon and once the devices are in stores, there will be more colors to choose from. Lets see how it fares in the market that is more or less dominated by Apple.

image thumb51 Nokia teams up with Microsoft.. perhaps that is to help Microsoft promote Office Online

There is some sort of partnership underway, presently Nokia and Microsoft are all set to announce their partnership. This will largely be for the Web based version of Office which Microsoft has in works. The idea might be to bring the Office to the mobile devices that Nokia manufactures, I am just presuming that, which sounds quite justified as there is nothing else I think can happen. Whatever the reason be, it isn’t new to hear both Nokia and Microsoft teaming up.

image thumb35 Microsoft finally sells Razorfish, Publicis Groupe acquires it for $530 Million

The confusion that had been raging as to who bags Razorfish and for what price comes to an end and as had been expected, Publicis is where it goes. The price put up is $530 Million which includes a cash value and a 6.5 million share in Publicis Groupe Treasury. I guess Microsoft will at last breath a sigh of relief as it finally puts an end to its efforts of its digital ad agency after a year of struggle. The price is pretty low compared to the $600 Million to $700 Million that had been anticipated but it isn’t that bad, especially during the tough economic times.

image thumb27 First glimpse of the Microsoft Retail Store

With its plans of a retail store in works for quite some time beginning from hiring Walmart’s David Porter, Microsoft has taken another step in that direction. The PR team used Twitpic , to Tweet the first image of the Microsoft Retail Store that is to open in Scottsdale and Mission Viejo. Those are but two locations that will open later this year with more stores to begin operations at various other locations.

image thumb22 Microsoft now owns Office.com domain, another step to bring Office to the cloud

If Microsoft was really thinking about taking Office to the cloud, the idea to have a domain for it was a likely move. Reports today have confirmed that Microsoft has bought the office.com domain name.  The domain has been used by ContactOffice, a Belgian startup which uses it to market office solutions online. The price for this buyout remains undisclosed but I can bet that the owner has fetched a very healthy amount for this.