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image thumb44 Yahoo: Users will have the privilege to use alternate Search Engines on Yahoo Homepage

Users can check their mail on other providers right from their Yahoo homepage and it appears Yahoo might just try something similar with search. Meaning that it would give users the privilege to select a search engine of their choice right on the homepage. Apparently Yahoo is quite open to letting users select a search engine of their choice and not having them chained to Yahoo Search alone. Will this include Google too apart from Microsoft’s Bing? While this is a very big step and a pretty intelligent one too, but I doubt if Microsoft will be happy to let this happen given that it uses Bing’s algorithm on Yahoo sites. Lets see how this turns out to be and will this open strategy for search exclude Google.

image thumb23 Microsoft might just release Bing 2.0, Sooner than we expected

I guess Microsoft has everything to be jubilant about Bing, given how it has fared in the recent past. The latest news puts Bing 2.0 coming our way much sooner than we would have anticipated. The rumors or should I say tweets state that people attending the annual product demo rally at Safeco Field in downtown Seattle have seen the demo of the new version. Well they might have seen that but all remains in clouds as we have no information about the additional features coming our way. Anyone to chip in with some information on this?

image thumb17 Microsoft is all Binging, will let users share search results with Bing and Ping

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image thumb144 Microsoft to sell Xbox Elite for $299. Is it to counter PS3 Slim?

It had to happen, with the PlayStation 3 Slim readying to make it to the markets, Microsoft was likely to do more than just release Xbox Elite. Microsoft will be selling the device for $299. However Microsoft has turned down any question of it pulling down the price to counter Sony, but it’s quite unbelievable given especially the fact that people at Sony expect PS3’s sales to go up by 60% and how Microsoft has been integrating numerous features to its gaming console in a bid to make it more useful for users who would want to do more with their gaming devices than just playing games.

image thumb140 Microsoft waves goodbye to Chris Stephenson a couple of weeks before the Zune launch

There is the new Zune coming in September but Chris Stephenson can’t wait that long and has left Microsoft. He had been in charge of its global marketing for the music player. He will be joining Universal Music and will be leading the marketing for Interscope Geffen A&M Records. Microsoft had been doing quite well with Stephenson on board the Zune team and his departure just a couple of weeks before the release is quite surprising to say the least.

image thumb138 The Microsoft Ad Controversy: We are Sorry about it

Why? I am lost as to what could trigger this switch of characters in a Microsoft ad? There is one screenshot that has a white woman, an Asian and a black man while the same ad has the black man’s face being replaced with that of a white man. That particular screenshot was on the Polish version of the site and why has the head been replaced has to particular reason. To be honest the head appears pretty odd and has rightly triggered some trouble for the software giant. However Microsoft was quick to respond and issued an apology which it rightly owed and it figuring out who exactly as behind it and has taken the image off. Well at least they realized it’s the work of Photoshop mastermind.

Office Live is now Live

image thumb109 Office Live is now Live

The news, the movie and now Office Online has at last gone live. The domain office.com which it had acquired will now host Microsoft’s prime business software online. The domain currently dishes out the purpose of informing users about Microsoft‘s Office products, especially the desktop client but might jut extend the purpose a bit beyond and offer. I guess its pretty intelligent to focus on the web based version of its prime software and take the challenge to Google.