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image thumb16 Windows Next Version, Windows 8 Build Now Available For Download!

Microsoft has been ringing loud since yesterday about the Windows 8 and the great many promises it brings to the PC users. I for one have been bought all over again by Microsoft for the great new features it brings, so many that it will be almost impossible for me to write about in one post. Honestly I don’t feel like reporting about this for I am busy counting the time remaining till the download for the Windows Developer Release completes.

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image thumb7 IBM Dominates The Tech Service Industry.. Right, But For How Long?

IBM as a whole as had its ups and downs, but when in need of some good, reliable tech support it’s hard to match what they got going on in that arena. While Microsoft, Google, Apple, and others will continue to dominate the personal computer software market, places like IBM have become an industry standard for computer service as a whole. And I guess they will continue to enjoy this dominance as long as computing exists.

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image thumb6 Yahoo On Sale– Anyone Who Has Money Can Buy Us!

The last time I visited Yahoo was perhaps 2 years back, even more when the entire Jerry, Microsoft Saga was on fire. A lot has changed since, from being very quite to bursting out yesterday with the announcement of the firing of Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz. That reportedly happened over the phone and it had a ripple effect all across the Web. Sadly there is more to it that the eyes can read.

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image thumb55 Windows Phone Mango Live WebcastYou heard it right, Microsoft is setting itself up for a live Web cast and will be announcing the next version of its Windows Phone platform, titled Windows Phone Mango. Well, I guess operating systems are now opting for fruits and eatables as convention to name the new versions. Which sounds quite nice to the ears and easy to remember.

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image thumb11 Windows 8 App Store Images Leaked

App Store fever is coming to Microsoft as well as images of the Windows 8 App Store were leaked on the Internet. The app store is highly likely to feature in Windows 8 and from the images, it seems we will have quite a desktop like feel to it. That’s just my opinion though.

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image thumb10 Nokia Says Yes To Windows Phone 7: Because iOS Won’t Sell And Android Is On The Hated List!

This is big, really big and hopefully will lessen my hate for both Nokia’s smartphones and the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 alike. Today Nokia officially announced its partnership with Microsoft to port the Windows Phone 7 as its primary mobile platform.

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image thumb80 Opinion: Why Nokia Partnership With Microsoft Prove Beneficial For Nokia

There has been quite a stir about Nokia being in talks with the likes of Google in connection to the Android platform. Nokia has of course turned down any possibility of this Android Nokia marriage ever happening. But to the contrary, I believe such a move would only prove beneficial for Nokia in the long run. Of course Android is not the only option. This brings us to the recent news on Nokia in talks with Microsoft, not surprising at all as the two have been in talks now for a couple of months.

We can of course turn this down as a plain rumor for Nokia is adamant at building up on its own OS. There are plans for 2011 and we can expect revamped software and the hardware alike. But just in case Nokia has any plans of extending partnership with Microsoft, it will be quite an interesting move. We have our reasons for this, primarily the fact that Windows Phone 7 recently crossed a 1.5 million unit sale, which shows that the OS in itself is not a risky option to power Nokia devices with.

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image thumb77 Microsoft Sells 1.5 Million Windows Phone 7, That’s Not So Bad After All!

There is quite a Microsoft stir lately, we missed talking about the recent 4 million Kinect units being sold, numbers which outsold the Nintendo Wii since its launch. The folks at Microsoft were however quite on the sales of the Windows Phone 7. To be honest I was thinking that the device had turned out to be a failure. The case isn’t so.

Microsoft’s Achim Berg stated in a press release that Microsoft sold over 1.5 million devices since its launch in the Europe in October and the US launch in November. The numbers, according to him are quite ahead of the expectations. at least for the first two months of launch. I for one would honestly side with his opinion given that only 40,000 Windows Phone 7 devices were sold on the launch day. But that’s past.

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image thumb28 What’s The Top Paid App For Windows Phone 7? Farting Dino!

It’s only been days when Microsoft announced the release of its anticipated Windows Phone 7 platform for mobile devices and we already have some apps doing great. Well the top app in the list is quite a surprise as I always had a perception of Windows Phone users to be tasteful. Wrong I was as their sense of smell is far superior and one that needs continuous feed. I am talking about the Fart Apps that surprisingly top the Paid Apps on the Windows Phone 7 app store.

I guess it’s something to do with every smartphone after starting off with their advent on the iPhone and the App Store. And just like they were download like hot commodities, the fart apps have won download hits from Windows Phone 7 users. And here’s a bigger surprise; People are actually paying for one, the Farting Dino. Wow, I mean I too downloaded a couple of those on my HTC Desire on Android but those were for free and had a short span. But paying? There’s got to be something great about this.

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image thumb6 When Is Windows Phone 7 Releasing? Official Date For The US Is October 11

While all of us have been waiting, anticipating or asking when are the Windows Phone 7 coming? There have been rumors stating that the HTC powered based on the Windows Phone 7 will be coming late in October or even by November to the folks in the US. But be prepared to embrace the official launch of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 on October 11.

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