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image thumb24 MacBook Air 3G, Definitely In Plans But Apple Isn’t Going To Make It Look Like One Eared Shrek!

There is a new spelling to Ugly and it’s the MacBook Air with an Antenna pictured above. Before I go any further, let me state my verdict, anything as horrendous and mutated as this is never getting out of the Apple headquarters. At least as long as Steve Jobs, Tim Martin and those sharing their vision are running Apple.

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image thumb79 First iOS 4.1 Security Flaw And Now FaceTime For Mac Has Security Issues Too! I Guess Screwed Is The New Apple!

Flaw is the new in for Steve Jobs’ Apple products. We have seen it happening since the release of the iPhone 4 and the over reporting of the Antennagate issue. We witnessed the year starting with security flaw that had the iPhone 4 making its way to the bloggers all the way to recent one in the iOS 4.1 that enables users to make calls and have access to photos and contacts on your device, which Apple has promised to fix with the release of iOS 4.2 in November.

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image thumb58 The New MacBook Air Commercial Steams In – Video Speaks a Thousand Words!

I understand not many of the readers out there have the time to read loads of texts on a product. Especially today when Apple is busy with it Back to the Mac Event and making it difficult for everyone to grasp the update on their Twitter timeline. So I will keep it simple.

If you are looking forward for a quick grasp on the new MacBook Air, you can watch the following commercial of what Steve Jobs considers to be the future of the notebooks.

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image thumb57 What The New MacBook Air Has To Offer? Feature Review

Everyone must be going crazy at the Back to the Mac Event of Apple today and almost everyone must be impressed with rumors turning out true. We have seen the coming of FaceTime for the Mac, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, the Mac OS App Store and the MacBook Air. That is what has grabbed the attention the most so far. Which is why we are sharing an insight on features of the MacBook Air.

First things first, Apple has launched the all new MacBook Air 11.6inch version as we had reported a couple of days ago. It has also revamped the 13.3 inch version of the notebook as well. The other changes include:

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image thumb56 FaceTime For Mac Now Available For Download!

So the FaceTime is now on all the latest Apple devices. There were rumors rampant for quite some time that Steve Jobs will soon be announcing this for the Mac, MacBook Pro And MacBook Air and we haven’t been disappointed.

Those of you desiring FaceTime on their Macs can now download it for the Official Apple Link. This will be a big addition to the already long list of Apple’s big features. The release is in Beta for now and you will need to have Mac OS X v10.6.4 Snow Leopard and later versions. We are still looking forward to hearing more news and announcements from Apple so be ready for a long list of posts in your RSS reader.

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image thumb55 Apple’s Back To The Mac Event Turns All Rumors True: 7 Billion Downloads on App Store, Mac OS X10.7 And The MacBook Air 11.6!

No matter how much Steve Jobs has started to whine and cry over things like blaming other smartphones over Death Grip issues and slashing other mobile operating systems in the likes of Android, BlackBerry, etc, he has a lot to boast about. The 7 Billion downloads on from the App Store.

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image thumb48 What Will Happen On Apple’s “Back To The Mac” Event? Launch Of 11.6" MacBook Air, iLife11 And OS X – Lion In Rumors

Apple is all set to start off its Back To The Mac Event tomorrow on Wednesday, October 20. There are rumors, anticipations as well as to what is coming or what is to be announced. We have mentioned all those rumors from the 11.6 inch MacBook Air to the coming of iLife’11 and you never know what surprise Apple has up its sleeves.

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image thumb46 Rumor: Is iLife’11 On Sale On Amazon?

Rumors and Apple have a lot more in common than one would anticipate. I personally think Steve Jobs and his product promotion team leak a few hints now and then to raise speculation amongst users. We had reported earlier of the new 11.6 inch Macbook Air that might be revealed at the upcoming Back To Mac Event of Apple scheduled for October 20. The other rumors were associated to iLife’11.

9to5Mac just discovered a hint on Amazon US Site that displays an ad selling iLife for $49.99. The surprising thing is that this version will be shipped in a couple weeks. Couple of weeks, eh? That’s exactly when we might get the iLife upon its expected announcement on October 20. This was originally spotted on the German listings on the Amazon site and that has been removed when it caught attention of bloggers. I am just dubious as why this would be displayed for any version of iLife, especially for the fact that it is currently selling iLife’09 at a 30% plus discount for $52.30.

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image thumb37 Apple Might Reveal An 11.6” MacBook Next Week At Back To The Mac Event [#Rumors]

The coming Wednesday, which is October 20, is anticipated to be big as Apple has its Back to the Mac Event planned. Much like Apple’s other events we expect something new to be revealed when Steve Jobs takes the stage. A few anticipated items include iLife 11, OS X 10.7 and rumors of the all new MacBook Air.

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