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image thumb41 Download Available For GreenPoisOn Jailbreak Tool For Mac OS X

What good is a jailbreak tool if its not for the Mac OSX? We reported the release of the Limera1n jailbreak tool for Windows and then also for the Mac users. Today we have news on the GreenPoisOn tool available for download on the Mac OS X.

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image thumb110 Window is just a bit high for the Leopard to climb in

Windows 7 is really doing great as stats roll out stating that the OS is actually doing better than Snow Leopard Mac OS. The stats put Windows 7 powered PCs at 5.07% while the Mac OS X is just a fraction behind with 5%. While that is great to know, but it isn’t surprising given that Microsoft leads the OS market with a staggering 92% market share. But to be honest it has fared much better than its Vista and the latest OS continues to grow with a close to 4% monthly increase. I guess Ballmer was right on that when he was all excited with the performance of Windows 7 earlier.