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image thumb5 Facebook And Other Social Networks Can Take Advantage Of Location For Better Friend Suggestions, Says Cambridge Research

If you are a regular visitor to an art gallery or for instance a library there is a high probability that you will end up being friends with a couple of people there if not all. The reason is pretty simple; common interests and the fact places such as these are more likely to have people connected compared to those like the parks, shopping malls or stadiums. Social networking sites come with a similar purpose; to connect friends, friends of friends and based on common interests. But researchers at the Cambridge’s Computer Library are putting forward another idea; connecting people based on places they visit.

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Google is making inroads into the Apple App Store with more apps making a more official entry. Today the iPhone users were blessed with the coming of the Google Latitude app now officially available for download at iTunes.

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image thumb32 Vixles: Discover, Share And Join Conversations About The best Places And Deals In Town

You might be hooked to the internet 24/7 and yet be lost at not learning about the latest event in your locality. It happens with me all the time, as no one would personally call me to give a reminder and the events aren’t posted for the public to see. Lack of awareness of such services is a major reason and people aren’t really savvy with utilizing these, with emphasis on the word utilize and not use.

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image thumb116 Jailbroken iPhones Get a Fix For Login Issues With Facebook App v3.2.2

Facebook only recently introduced Facebook Places, partnering with all major players in the location based social networking arena like Gowalla, Foursquare, etc. They also released the new Facebook App [version 3.1.1] for the iPhone loaded with Places, but I guess it has been buggy. Yesterday Robert Scoble talked about the new feature from Facebook; Tag anywhere. Which actually had him tagged on places where he had never been, added with login issues.

Today, however the social network released version 3.2.2 for the application with fixes for the login issues. The new version is available on the App Store with the Update button on your iPhone. Other than, owing to the huge number of complains and requests from users, Facebook has also specifically mentioned that the app is only available for the users in the US. Though if you are outside the US you will still see the tab, but hitting it would only display a message stating it’s not available in your region [Non-US].

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image thumb38 Create A Hook For Anything Interesting On The Map With MapHook [Location Based App]

Location, location, that is what is everywhere on the Web, although nobody gets lost online. Ah, forget it, I think it’s not appropriate to share the story behind it here and come over to MapHook, the latest entry in the location based content sharing application.

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image thumb19 Yelp Makes Waves As The Android App Heads Closer To 1 Million Downloads

Remember we talked about Yelp upon its release of the Android App last year in December. The application is making headways as it is set to cross one million downloads as users leverage the update made recently.

The latest update lets users share their location on Yelp across other social sites like Twitter and Facebook. The growth has been phenomenal with almost a weekly growth of 50%. Yelp of course has over 2.5 million users actively using the application per month, of which a near half uses Android app. The growth for Yelp has been remarkable in the mobile section, growing faster than competitors like Foursquare. The team has taken up the challenge to make Yelp for feature and function rich and to better stand competing with Foursquare.

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image thumb32 Facebook Is Definitely Up With Location – But You Will Have The Freedom To ‘Opt Out’

There has been quite a brouhaha over the location features coming to Facebook and we have had talked about how marketers are already eyeing in to utilize that feature [McDonalds for instance]. The idea isn’t new, as names like Gowalla and Foursquare have already made names with Foursquare recently hitting past 40 million check-ins. So why should Facebook stay away?

The social network has more than 400 million users and that makes introducing more features such as these ever more needful and logical to implement. Of course there are concerns associated to privacy and I bet many of the users would play down its implementation, I mean who would want to share their location as well [perhaps the last thing they own. However the social network has kept these issues in mind and will be providing this as as opt out option.

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image thumb30 While Facebook Prepares For Its Own Location Features, Foursquare Rushes Past 40 Million Check Mark

Location based networking or to put it more correctly – social networking is getting quite a grip. We have Gowalla and Foursquare hitting on numbers and expanding quite speedily but that is just going to last long enough till Facebook goes full throttle with its Check Ins. Something the social network has already started off with last week and McDonald’s is already trying to get a grip of it.

While that’s another story, Foursquare has crossed the 40 Million check-in mark some time last week. That is quite an exceptional jump given that is has around 24 Million or so check ins a month back. With that number going beyond 40 Million, the location based network is growing at almost a double rate. Now I don’t want to undermine Foursquare growing so much with a quality service, but the people in the team are well aware how easily can they be taken over by Facebook if it goes ahead with its location based features [something it will definitely].

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image thumb15 Facebook To Bring Location Features Soon

Wow! Facebook is heading over to location based features and will be introducing these in the coming month. This would enable users to add their location with friends on the social network, letting your network know where you are. These features would also enable the developer community to leverage users sharing their location and design related activities and apps for more location centered user experience.

I know many would be pissed and create a havoc on why is the social network using their location to design apps as bait. But cry as you may, the social network had already included that in their Terms of Service, when the TOS created a lot of controversy last year. Whether you enjoy these new features or not, you have already agreed to let the social network use these, if you happen to be using the social network.

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