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image thumb5 Facebook And Other Social Networks Can Take Advantage Of Location For Better Friend Suggestions, Says Cambridge Research

If you are a regular visitor to an art gallery or for instance a library there is a high probability that you will end up being friends with a couple of people there if not all. The reason is pretty simple; common interests and the fact places such as these are more likely to have people connected compared to those like the parks, shopping malls or stadiums. Social networking sites come with a similar purpose; to connect friends, friends of friends and based on common interests. But researchers at the Cambridge’s Computer Library are putting forward another idea; connecting people based on places they visit.

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image thumb49 Infographic: LinkedIn And The Road To IPODid we miss out on reporting about LinkedIn making it big in connection to its IPO?  We didn’t, hectic and to be honest I was bamboozled reading how crazily it registered a $92.99 per share at the New York Stock Exchange. Has it really happened?

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linkedin logo 300x199 LinkedIn Introduces InMaps To Help Visualize Your Professional ConnectionsLoads of text is always a bit difficult to digest, especially when you can ensure the information is pushed forth in a much better manner using visuals. I mean think of it if I could visualize the news feed on my social networking profile and have them sorted in categories defined via keywords. Life would have been really simple and would have ensured I respond to things I like the most.

image thumb44 LinkedIn Introduces InMaps To Help Visualize Your Professional Connections

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image thumb LinkedIn Gets More Social Introduces Share Button As Well

The social network for professionals, LinkedIn today announced the release of its social share button or you can call it the Facebook Like for LinkedIn. Though I would avoid describing it that way primarily because it is quite undermining.

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image thumb117 LinkedIn Wants You To Stay Up To Date On Companies Clones Facebook And Twitter ‘Follow’

We have been hearing that LinkedIn has been feeling left out and many have asked just why won’t the professional social network get a bit modern? I am not sure what reasons it has for that Ice Age design but I feel it really doesn’t need that. I am talking about the Facebook and Twitter like presence.

We all have our reasons and I have mine which I will narrate once I am done with the latest update to LinkedIn; the follow button. And by God it looks damn ugly. That was the last thing or more importantly, the last site where I would have seen such an option available. Need I explain this?

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I just read about LinkedIn rolling out its new search feature called the Faceted Search and it is by all means excellent. I mean the way it helps filter your search results to provide you with the closest possible results to your query, is brilliant and helps you get rid of the useless stuff. Sigh, but almost immediately I had to get back on Facebook to perform a search and boy it sucked big time.

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image thumb103 LikedIn continues to grow, has 3 Million users in UK

Social Network for professionals, LinkedIn only yesterday opened up it API for all but it appears it will take all the time available to eye an IPO in UK, despite hitting 3 million users. This idea to keep away from the IPO at present was presented by its founder Reid Hoffman. But that doesn’t mean they will be letting go off it for a long time. I am just a bit surprised as to why it refrains from going after the public offering, given the fact that it has been more than just successful in the last couple of years. It has more than 53 Million users and growing and is being valued at a staggering $1 Billion and it has so much in its pocket that it hasn’t really done much with the cash raised in the last round.

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image thumb89 Open Sesame! And LinkedIn opens up its API

When it comes to expanding your service far and wide, the idea to open up the API is the best way to do it. LinkedIn is doing exactly that, beginning with the much needed Twitter integration all the way to presently opening up its API. The social network for professionals has released around 11 APIs categorized into the following:

image thumb54 LinkedIn continues to grow exponentially, reaches 45 million users

There have been quite some news regarding acquisitions, partnerships today. LinkedIn isn’t staying away as it reports crossing 45 million registered users. The growth has been pretty abrupt beginning from 16 million worldwide monthly unique visitors with more than 330 million page views increasing twice as much from last year. With a valuation of around $1 billion and running quite profitably for more than two years, the company is quite a success and might go public anytime  next year.