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image thumb59 Show Us The iPhone 5 And The iPad 3! Demands Samsung, Meh!

I think Samsung has lost it. Totally. The Korean mobile manufacturer has taken the Apple-Samsung lawsuit a step further by demanding Apple to show its next generation of the iPhone and the iPad to its lawyers. Is it forgetting that Apple keeps a very tight hold on any information getting out on the upcoming devices?

I am sure nothing is going to be shown by Apple for it thrives on suspense. But I think if apple has demanded Samsung to show its upcoming tablets and the smartphones; the Galax S2 and the Galaxy Tab 10.1. But what can turn against them is the fact that Apple’s demand was about the already released devices by Samsung whilst Samsung has asked Apple to reveal its yet to be announced devices. Face palm Samsung, you will have to break into Apple’s head quarters to get a hold of those.

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image thumb15 Apple Sues Samsung For Copying iPhone: Oh Please Stop This Apple!

Samsung seems to have angered Apple in terms of copying design of the iPhone and the iPad. The allegation comes when the Samsung Galaxy’s range of mobiles was found to be pretty similar to the iPhone models. And from what I see from the picture above, it sure looks a total mimic.

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I totally missed this one out. George Hotz or commonly known as Geohot who is known for his iPhone jailbreak and exploits like Limera1n, etc has been sued by Sony Corporation.

image thumb24 Geohot Sued By Sony For Jailbreaking PlayStation 3

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image thumb85 Webunal: Your Internet Courthouse

The idea of suing someone sounds fascinating. Of course not being sued is something I wouldn’t personally like being tried upon. There had to be a way to get this going online especially with all those friends on the social networks you are a part of and who are often found doing many things they deserve being taken to court for. Poking on Facebook is one of those irritating habits.

image thumb86 Webunal: Your Internet Courthouse

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image thumb128 Facebook Blocks Ads About Pot Legalization Campaign, You Still Can’t Block Zuckerberg Though

I hate it when decisions and actions are partial and biased. When you would allow one thing and pay no attention to another, when you block one thing and let the other run rampant. Today the social network showed the world that it operates at its own will by removing the entire campaign and impressions of Just Say Now.

The group has over 6,000 members on the fan page, generated over 38 million impressions in a short between August 7 to August 16. The reason? The campaign was about pot legalization in California and had the image of a pot leaf. The image of the leaf is associated directly to smoking and drugs and after a week of being there on Facebook was removed owing to it violating the social network’s policies.

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image thumb64 Startup Tip: Put Down That wallet; Why Startups May Not Need A Lawyer To Form A Corporation

The guest post is written by Nellie Akalp; CEO & Co-Founder of CorpNet, Incorporated, her second incorporation filing service company based on the simple philosophy of truth in business and her strong passion to assist small business owners and entrepreneurs in getting their business off the ground in a fast, reliable, and affordable manner.

I have nothing against lawyers. I’m married to one, in fact. And I myself graduated law school and obtained my JD (Juris Doctorate Degree) back in 1998. But with that said, there are times when attorneys are overused — and those unnecessary retainer fees and hourly rates can hurt the startup process when cash is tight.

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image thumb19 Facebook.Me Goes To Facebook – Should We Be Prepared For The F log?

Remember the FB.Me saga that was supposed to be a Tumblr look alike? Well that project might still have some life to it as Facebook grabbed the Facebook.me domain from Amjad Abbas, an individual based in the United Arab Emirates.

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image thumb86 The Lahore High Court Lifts The Ban On Facebook In Pakistan: Let May 31 Go Down As D Day In Pakistan’s History [BS]

After Armageddon wreaked havoc in Pakistan’s online community beginning from the appearance of the blasphemous pages on the social networking site, Facebook and the ban imposed on it by the Lahore High Court, things will finally settle down. Why? Because we have finally got the ban lifted today by the High Court as was promised around ten days back.

Phew! I was already uttering this that the ban was temporary and there was no need to panic. But there were of course clouds of unpredictability circling the Cloud and had the ban been permanent we would have seen massive movement taking place within the country, fueled by increased frustrations and probably a mass immigration of the liberal class that was snatched the freedom of speech and action. Thank God for His mercy for giving patience to everyone to see through this ban period and the government of Pakistan finally favoring the lifting of the ban.

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image thumb25 Woman Hacks Ex  Boyfriend’s Account To Post Threats To Herself – What A Low Life!

I never knew a woman could stoop to such lowness to actually accuse her boyfriend of raping her and to go even down put false threat messages from her ex-boyfriend’s account. Wickedness at its lowest.Zoe Williams, a 23 year old woman and a mother of one appears to be reminiscing the 5 years of relation with her ex and thought about fooling around a bit.

Her relationship ended in 2007 and she reported the law enforcement agencies that she had been raped by her ex over the course of the relationship and thinking her reporting had little affect on them, hacked her ex boyfriend’s account and posted messages. Apparently those messages were meant to threaten her to not report this to the agencies or she will be facing consequences. The whole thing backfired and now she must be ashamed of what she did, I am already doubting she was even raped and that the guy is absolutely innocent.

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image thumb110 The Raid On Gizmodo For The Stolen iPhone – What Could This Mean For Bloggers

We are all aware of what has been happening in the last couple of weeks, other than Facebook of course. Apple’s engineer lost what is potentially dubbed as the next generation of iPhone [iPhone 4G], how Gizmodo got its hands on it and had the Web stirring with its videos, photos, etc. And the latest news of police raiding Jason Chen’s house and confiscating his property. Obviously his house wasn’t raided because he is a part of some criminal organization, but Apple is the one who is watching all this and made this happen.

We all know that the gadget was forgotten by the engineer who had himself drunk at a party in some pub, the phone was later found by a person who tried to call in Apple and report a stolen device. Getting no response from the customer support he found his way to Gizmodo where the devil’s advocate purchased the device for $5,000. A huge sum that paid off well not just to Gizmodo, but to Apple’s new product. Oh yes, it definitely put a dent on Apple’s reputation of keeping its products a secret till WWDC and its magic time of revelation at 09:41. But I am really glad it happened, systems got to break and Apple has had it going for quite a long time.

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