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image thumb16 Busuu.com: Saving An Endangered Language, Thank God There Is Internet!

The Internet is helping us in multiple ways and I am definitely not going to narrate lines on how exactly. But a few people utilizing it to protect a language that is on the verge of extinction is indeed one of the best uses you can put the Web to. Busuu is one of them.

The startup had been created to prevent the Busuu language from extinction, which as of the present is only spoken by 8 people in a region of Cameroon. Honestly I didn’t know if a language by this even existed and that is by no means surprising. UNESCO has labeled the language as one the 3,000 critically endangered languages, which is why the folks behind Busuu [the site] though of initiating this startup to create awareness about this language. The idea is simple as they have used a decent layout for the site that lets you create songs, messages in the language and share them across with your friends. Again the whole idea is to spread the word around and muster enough people around to support the Save Busuu campaign.

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Babbel 2.0 is no more Free!

image thumb31 Babbel 2.0 is no more Free!

While free is definitely a winner on the Web, but if you grow up and have quite some following, you are bound to put a price. Especially if you are providing the best or one of the best service, users wont mind paying a few bucks. Babbel today released version 2.0 of its translation service and language learning platform and is available in major languages including, English, French, Italian, Spanish and German. The bad part, it will now be abandoning its freemium model and only the first part of each course will be available for free while full access would cost $6.65 and $11.95 a month.

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image thumb53 Sakhr releases Arabic Language Buddy App for iPhone

Sakhr Software is doing everything possible to bring Arabic to the masses, given the popularity of the language itself added with the difficulty each has when it comes to learning the language and mastering it. The software firm has introduced its Arabic Language Buddy  for the iPhone and iPod Touch [link]. The speech enabled app offers translation from English to Arabic during live conversations that facilitates better learning and language assistance while you travel. A very innovative tool for learners. Other features include:

image thumb61 Google puts Auto Translate in Gmail so that the next time you dont scratch your head reading a language you dont understand

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