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image thumb21 Samsung Galaxy S II Surges Past 3 Million Pre Orders Globally

The need for faster ad more powerful mobile devices continues to rise or maybe its the manufacturers who are speeding up the manufacturing of the more powerful smartphones. The battle is between the giants like the iPhone, HTC, Samsung, Nokia who are adamant of providing the best experience to their users and push them into a competition that’s never ending. Samsung’s Galaxy SII has made it big with the Korean manufacturer selling 120,000 units in the first 3 days, which substantial.

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image thumb20 Korea And Taiwan Markets Get Unofficial iPhone 4 Launch Dates

This one is going to be a big one for iPhone lovers in Korea and Taiwan as we have come across the unofficial dates for the iPhone 4 launch in the region. According to our sources, Apple will have the iPhones available in Korean and Taiwanese markets on September 10. That’s just a few days from today.

It is interesting that the pre-orders for the smartphone have been made available since August, despite news on any official launch dates. The device is very popular, given that in Taiwan alone there have been 150,000 pre-orders since August, although we have been informed that the markets won’t have it for sale till mid September.

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