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image thumb21 Where To Find An Odd Job? Try Zaloot–Startup SundaySearches like Where to find the right job? Jobs for Engineers, Jobs for bloggers, etc. Those are searches for usually the most qualified and highly competed as there are a hundred [if not thousand] others ready to offer themselves for it. The problem gets bigger when someone wants to find an odd job to make that ever needed hourly wage in the spare time. I mean think of all the foreign students who have their summers and they need to find ways to meet their expenses of the few odd hours they are allowed to work each week. Jobs exist, but n way to find it. No more, as Zaloot comes as your odd job engine.

This means, you as a job seeker gets to find a Job to make quick money for all the spare time you have. The same goes for the employees, they can post a job, select a bidder and avail a good deal.

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image thumb5 JobGizmo: Job Search Goes From Chaos To Calm

Keeping an eye on all the jobs you apply for is often a pretty hectic tasks, which I bet many dread. This is much easier if you have a single job to keep an eye on but this might apply to seasoned employees, but with fresh graduates in the race, you are looking at at least two dozen jobs. If you ask me, applying filters, using automated trackers, etc but you seriously don’t want them lost thanks to the countless junk mails and invites you get from numerous social networks, forums, etc. Stop wasting time and get to know this startups, JobGizmo.

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image thumb48 Cubic Literals: A One Stop Destination For Students And Graduates Seeking Free Lance Jobs

What is one thing that a student or a fresh graduate want? A decent job or an effective way to utilize time at hand to earn some money. Freelance opportunities is definitely the top priority as you aren’t bound to give a 24/7 of your time and secondly it serves as a good second to make money. And I guess with all the boom in online opportunities this has become quite a norm. You can blog, you can do programming, create websites and what not. But the issue is where and how to find one? I am not sure about all the options but Cubic Literals is a startup where talented students or graduates can find and avail a free lance opportunity.

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