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image thumb16 RealNetworks’ Rhapsody App gets a Green from Apple

Big day and big news from Apple, forget about certain things that really disappointed us big time (No iPod Touch with camera). Keeping the hardware aside, Apple has broken free of its tradition of banning apps and given a green to RealNetworks’ Rhapsody app for the iPhone. The app is available for immediate download for subscribers and users can run it for a 7 day trial. Apple has been a bit miser when it comes to subscription based apps for iPods since it minimizes its chances of minting money, while it might just crunch some cash from Rhapsody app, since it’s affiliated to the iTunes. Well lets see how does the free Rhapsody go along on the iTunes, hope it is worth all the time it spend waiting for the light to go green.

image thumb15 Its not the iPod Touch, but Nano that gets the camera

Well I guess the bubbles finally burst and rumors take a side as Apple showcased its iPod with Camera. No, it’s not the iPod Touch but iPod Nano and it is added with a microphone and a built in speaker. Bravo! The device will also have Cover Flow, support for voice over and Genius Mix. The device will be priced at $149 for 8GB and $179 for 16GB and a range of colors.

image thumb125 Apple – Toshiba connection. Toshiba pushing the accelerator on Flash Memory chips production

While there are reports of a possible Apple tablet and new iPods coming to the scene by September, sources site that Toshiba has given a boost to its production of  flash memory chips. How are the two related? Well it appears that Toshiba will be providing Apple with the bulk of these chips for the upcoming iPods or whatever it has in store. I mean it sounds pretty useless otherwise. Anyone with a tip on this?