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image thumb8 iOS 5 Download Available For iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad And The iPod Touch

While I was thinking that the iOS 5 is still some days away from the final release news broke out that it is out. Apple just now announced the release of the final version of the iOS 5 for the users, bringing with it the numerous improvements that had been promised.

This is turning out big with the iPhone 4S preorders hitting over 1 Million in a day, the iCloud released earlier and iPhone 4S to hit stores on October 14, things are about to change for iOS device users. While you wont be able to experience Siri until you actually own the iPhone 4S on iOS 5, you can always enjoy the improvements on the previous generations of the iPhone, iPad and the iPad 2 as well as the iPod Touch.

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image thumb7 iPhone 4S Is Followed By iCloud Release, iOS 5 To Follow Soon

With the iPhone 4S sales hitting past the 1 Million mark in the first 24 hours, Siri getting all the positive press, Apple had little to delay its much talked iCloud. The cloud storage service which was to be released with the iOS5 has been pushed out today. With, users will be able to store their data  on the virtual storage service.

The iCloud should pull Apple out of the misery that MobileMe brought forth. I mean Apple has been an industry changer in terms of mobile, computing and music devices in the likes of the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch, the company hasn’t been impressive in the online business. The iCloud is expected to change the game for Apple and how people use their iPhone, iPod and the iPad. The iOS 5 users will be given 5GB of free iCloud Storage. Of course this is for free and you can purchase extra space as per your requirement.

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image thumb2 iPhone 5 Release Set To Be Announced At The Apple Event

We are all anxious, figuring out the right Hashtag [#] for the Apple Media Event, iPhone, iPod Touch, etc on Twitter. Keeping our eyes open on all those live blogging right from the event, news, photos, etc. Hoping to get our readers the best of the event. While this is still a short while away. We thought we would create a welcome room to begin with the coverage.

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IMG 0189 200x300 iPhone Security Alert– XSS Vulnerability In Skype For iOS Makes Information Accessible For Hackers

There is some bad news, enough to make you question how secure is your information when it comes to using Skype on your iOS device.Folks at Superevr claim to have found an XSS vulnerability that exists within the Skype chat window in Skype 3.0.1 for the older generations of the iPhone and the iPod Touch. This vulnerability exposes your information to hackers who can steal this information.

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image thumb19 iPhone, iPad Users Will Eventually Have The Multiple ID Issues Resolved, Says Apple

Multiple IDs on Apple have been quite a nuisance, especially for the fact that you could only use one Apple ID per computer for the 90 days. This paralyses the rapid switching of user accounts on devices. I for one have experienced it with the iPod Touch and its annoying, despite being something minor, as many would put it.

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 Fix iPhone, iPad And iPod Possible With Apple’s Web Based Diagnostic Tool

We might have Apple working on what could possibly be a web based diagnostic tool for the numerous iOS devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. Oh and of course the Macs and the iMacs too. I think all the hints at the iCloud, indicate the importance of the similar service, who likes heading over o the Genius Bar to get your iPhone 4 fixed?

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image thumb4 iPhone, iPhone 4 Jailbreak Guides Listing

We have long been out of the latest news regarding the Jailbreak and the unlocking of the iPhone and other iOS devices. Before catching up on all the latest news in the same category we thought it would be better to do a roundup of all the tutorials, guides and how to jailbreak iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch.

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Pwnie Awards 300x126 Jailbreak Experts Rewarded Pwnie Awards 2011 For JailbreakMe 3.0 And A Geohot Rap SongThere is a different kind of mention about key players of the Apple Jailbreak community and this time it isn’t them discovering a new exploit to help you jailbreak your iPhone, iPod or the iPad. Today two of its best known names were awarded titles for a slightly different purpose or achievement, at least one of them.

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image thumb54 How To Fix iPhone, iPad StutteringI guess almost always loved the iOS 4.3.x update for bringing us numerous improvements to our iPhones and other iOS devices like the iPad and the iPod Touch. This included the much improved AirPlay that enables users to stream media content from their iOS devices right to the Apple TV. Other than this was another notable inclusion of the Personal Hot Spot, that allows users to have other devices to connect to their iPhone, iPad, etc to utilize their network. But there were some lags in the functionality. Read More »

image thumb27 Jailbreak iOS 4.3.3, iOS 4.2.8 Untethered On Verizon iPhone 4 With Sn0wbreeze 2.iH8sn0w, the much known iPhone developer released Sn0wbreeze version 2.7 to bring support for the untethered jailbreak to iOS 4.3.3 and for the OS 4.2.8 on the Verizon iPhone 4. We had already shared the guide for the untethered jailbreak with PwnageTool bundles for the Verizon iPhone 4 on IOS 4.2.8. The current release of Sn0wbreeze will do great for those on the GSM a sit helps them to keep their existing baseband for the iPhone 4 and those with the iPhone 3GS. These can then be unlocked using the Ultrasn0w.

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