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If you thought what exactly made Apple run after Samsung and accuse it of infringing its patents, you are at the right place to have that answered. Following are a few pictures that surprisingly reveals how the Korean manufacturer had earned a bad name. And more importantly destroyed its Reputation.

If you still think Apple was wrong, think again, this is ultimate. I just wonder what new patent wars will open up with the release of the iPhone 5.

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apple store hong kong iPhone 5 Release Will Be The Perfect Start To The Hong Kong Apple Store

With the iPhone 5 release imminent we are gearing up for CEO Tim Cook to walk up the stage and reveal the next generation of iPhone. To be honest it has been one of the annoying iPhone when it comes to rumors. However this will end, finally, tomorrow when we finally get done with all the iPhone rumors. Maybe an iPhone 4S, the White iPhone 5 and God knows what else is coming tomorrow, but it will definitely put all iPhone 5 related things in perspective.

There have been news on Apple opening up new Apple Store in the Hong Kong region, which is tipped to be the most expensive one. From MIC Gadget site the details of the Hong Kong Apple store are:

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