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 iPhone 5 Release Makes Japan’s KDDI Pull Off Android Site

What could be more demeaning than the fact that someone takes off your product in an anticipation that another product is ready to surface in the market. I would find it absolutely lousy and discouraging but then that’s how businesses work, you promote what will sell. Especially when both products compete severely with each other, and both are bound to make you huge profits. I am talking about the Android and the Apple iOS based iPhone.

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googlesim 300x224 Google Flights: Introducing Google SIM, Next Landing Is Telecom?

While Google has got the Voice feature in works in the US, it is unavailable globally. The feature is a must have, one that everyone can use, would want to use. There have been rumors about Google working on bringing Google Voice to Europe as well and soon to the rest of its global community. While this is still some time away, reports yesterday put brought forth the Google SIM. Could this be how Google plan on bringing the Voice feature to the Europe and other countries?

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iphone playing cards2 iPhone Release Date Is October 4, Confusion, Confusion

Keep changing, keep altering the dates based on rumors. I think we can do pretty well by simply copy pasting text from previous posts associated to the iPhone rumors. Be it the iPhone 4, White iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 5. We have reported a couple of days back that Apple will be holding its event on October 5, appears there is a change in that or one that is rumored.

It has been trending all morning that Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5 on October 4 instead of October 5. Also the iPhone 5 release date will be October 6. If someone could just draw the timeline and mark what day is rumored to be the most obvious for the iPhone 5 release, it would definitely be somewhere between the October 5th and the 10th. But should one be concerned?

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IMG 0189 200x300 iPhone Security Alert– XSS Vulnerability In Skype For iOS Makes Information Accessible For Hackers

There is some bad news, enough to make you question how secure is your information when it comes to using Skype on your iOS device.Folks at Superevr claim to have found an XSS vulnerability that exists within the Skype chat window in Skype 3.0.1 for the older generations of the iPhone and the iPod Touch. This vulnerability exposes your information to hackers who can steal this information.

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 iPhone 5 Parts Leaked; A5 Processor Larger Battery And Edge To Edge Screen

Looks like we have at our hands a very solid proof of what the next generation of the iPhone might look like. The leaked images bear a solid resemblance to the Apple devices, the iPhone in particular.

The ripped open piece is pretty revealing in terms of helping us sketch what the device is like and might have. here’s what we can make out from the hardware in picture:

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 Release iPhone 5 Imminent, iPhone 4S A Possibility Too

Behold more news on the iPhone 5 or should I say rumors. Not exactly, this close to the launch which is more or less being confirmed and locked for October 15 and as per some sources to be October 7. Whatever the date of the announcement is, we are now more sure that there will be two iPhone devices that are to be launched in October, the iPhone 4S, which is the update to the iPhone 4 and is tipped to be the less expensive and is contract free. The other is the other is the obvious iPhone 5.

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image thumb19 iPhone, iPad Users Will Eventually Have The Multiple ID Issues Resolved, Says Apple

Multiple IDs on Apple have been quite a nuisance, especially for the fact that you could only use one Apple ID per computer for the 90 days. This paralyses the rapid switching of user accounts on devices. I for one have experienced it with the iPod Touch and its annoying, despite being something minor, as many would put it.

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 iPhone 5 Confirmed For October 15

Wait, patience, coming soon, rumor are all the very common words associated to the iPhone and all the generations of the iPhone that have come and that are to come. We have been reporting the release of the iPhone 5 for the last one month and by all mean it has kept everyone on their toes. While the unveiling of the release of iPhone 5 is bound to happen in October, we might have had a sure shot confirmation.

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image thumb12 iPhone 5, Vodafone Shows White iPhone 5 And Memory Capacity

Add more weight to the rumors, it appears the iPhone 5 will finally be braced by many of its keen and anxious lovers. Most recently, Vodafone UK leaked a couple of specs of the next generation of the iPhone. The iPhone 5 is expected to be available in White, meaning that we won’t be waiting for ages to buy the White iPhone 5. Other than that the iPhone 5 will be available in both 16GB and the 32GB storage capacities.

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iphone 5 iPhone 5 Website Leaked! Or Prototype iPhone And Prototype Site

What could be a better gift to have on your birthday than to have your friend share the all new Website for the iPhone 5. We had already shared news on Germany opening up the preorders for the iPhone 5 and the video of the site comes from Germany as well, which makes it more believable. And gladly enough the design looks super sleek and worth having in the hands.

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