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xlarge the new iphone 4s iPhone 5 NO It’s The iPhone 4S Announced Instead: Siri, iCloud All Coming October 12!

As I said, the iPhone 5 will not be released because Apple had screwed over a lot of things. From delayed screens, to what not. Apple even went down with the Ban Samsung Galaxy Tab in Germany, Australia and anywhere it could have the Samsung tablet banned. All this was done to hide the shame it was destined to face by delaying the iPhone 5.

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image thumb2 iPhone 5 Release Set To Be Announced At The Apple Event

We are all anxious, figuring out the right Hashtag [#] for the Apple Media Event, iPhone, iPod Touch, etc on Twitter. Keeping our eyes open on all those live blogging right from the event, news, photos, etc. Hoping to get our readers the best of the event. While this is still a short while away. We thought we would create a welcome room to begin with the coverage.

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iPhone 5 release iPhone 5 Release Still Flamed With Rumors, More Cases RevealedThat’s it. This is perhaps the last round of rumors you will be reading here before the next generation of the iPhone is announced by Tim Cook a few hours from now at the Apple Media Event. This is certainly one of the most hyped up events since the launch of the original iPhone back in the day. Maybe its because a lot has happened during this short while, from Steve Jobs stepping down as the CEO of Apple to the brand actually introducing two models of the iPhone simultaneously. The iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5. Read More »

image thumb iPhone 5 Release Date Imminent As iPhone 5 Shows Up In Radio Shock’s Inventory

While we wait for the October 4 Apple Media Event, the news of the next generation of the iPhone continue to surface. While the design more or less remains a secret, we have seen everything from the hardware specifications of the iPhone 4S to the cases of the iPhone 5. However, Sprint was once again up with revealing the availability of the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5, today it was Radio Shack revealing the same.

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image thumb34 iPhone 5 Release Date To Be Announced On October 4 At The Apple Event!

So after all the rumors and confusions, Apple has finally cleared the mist with the announcement of the Apple event on October 4th. This means we will finally be hearing about the iPhone 5 release dates when Tim Cook takes the stage on Tuesday, October 4.

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 iPhone 5 Release Makes Japan’s KDDI Pull Off Android Site

What could be more demeaning than the fact that someone takes off your product in an anticipation that another product is ready to surface in the market. I would find it absolutely lousy and discouraging but then that’s how businesses work, you promote what will sell. Especially when both products compete severely with each other, and both are bound to make you huge profits. I am talking about the Android and the Apple iOS based iPhone.

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iphone playing cards2 iPhone Release Date Is October 4, Confusion, Confusion

Keep changing, keep altering the dates based on rumors. I think we can do pretty well by simply copy pasting text from previous posts associated to the iPhone rumors. Be it the iPhone 4, White iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 5. We have reported a couple of days back that Apple will be holding its event on October 5, appears there is a change in that or one that is rumored.

It has been trending all morning that Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5 on October 4 instead of October 5. Also the iPhone 5 release date will be October 6. If someone could just draw the timeline and mark what day is rumored to be the most obvious for the iPhone 5 release, it would definitely be somewhere between the October 5th and the 10th. But should one be concerned?

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 iPhone 5 Parts Leaked; A5 Processor Larger Battery And Edge To Edge Screen

Looks like we have at our hands a very solid proof of what the next generation of the iPhone might look like. The leaked images bear a solid resemblance to the Apple devices, the iPhone in particular.

The ripped open piece is pretty revealing in terms of helping us sketch what the device is like and might have. here’s what we can make out from the hardware in picture:

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image thumb20 iPhone 5 Release Announcement Probable On October 5 In An Apple Event

Here’s one more to bag into your rumor bag about Apple. PocketGamer has shared inside news on Apple holding a press conference on October 5th, which will have announcements on the next generation of the iPhone. Yes, precisely, the iPhone 5 as we all wait in anticipation for this device to roll out, come on its sickening.

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 Release iPhone 5 Imminent, iPhone 4S A Possibility Too

Behold more news on the iPhone 5 or should I say rumors. Not exactly, this close to the launch which is more or less being confirmed and locked for October 15 and as per some sources to be October 7. Whatever the date of the announcement is, we are now more sure that there will be two iPhone devices that are to be launched in October, the iPhone 4S, which is the update to the iPhone 4 and is tipped to be the less expensive and is contract free. The other is the other is the obvious iPhone 5.

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