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iphone battery1 300x225 iPhone 4s Coming Third While Android Phones Take The Top Two SpotThere has always been a constant niggling about how bad these smart phones are when it comes to their battery life. One should not forget the kind of task these gadgets are capable of. Though these devices are really smart bringing the functionality of a Desktop Computer in to your palms, they do need some serious energy to keep on with it. Once out of battery they are as dumb a machine can be.

We can’t obviously compare these to the first or second generations mobile devices. For example the Nokia phones that lasted days with a single recharge. Mobile back then were communication tools, SMS, calls, radio were all the high end features they offered. With the iPhone, Android devices, things have evolved, your mobile phones are pocket PCs. You can’t expect them to last for 7 days on a single recharge, however one can expect the manufacturers to build more powerful batteries. If not days, they should at least last for a day.

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For those of you with an iPhone 4S and the much claimed Siri, good news is that the iPhone 4S has been jailbroken. The news has been confirmed by the Jailbreak expert MuscleNerd and we will all be hearing more about this in days to come.

image thumb13 iPhone 4S Jailbreak Possible, ETA Not Expected

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image thumb8 iOS 5 Download Available For iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad And The iPod Touch

While I was thinking that the iOS 5 is still some days away from the final release news broke out that it is out. Apple just now announced the release of the final version of the iOS 5 for the users, bringing with it the numerous improvements that had been promised.

This is turning out big with the iPhone 4S preorders hitting over 1 Million in a day, the iCloud released earlier and iPhone 4S to hit stores on October 14, things are about to change for iOS device users. While you wont be able to experience Siri until you actually own the iPhone 4S on iOS 5, you can always enjoy the improvements on the previous generations of the iPhone, iPad and the iPad 2 as well as the iPod Touch.

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image thumb7 iPhone 4S Is Followed By iCloud Release, iOS 5 To Follow Soon

With the iPhone 4S sales hitting past the 1 Million mark in the first 24 hours, Siri getting all the positive press, Apple had little to delay its much talked iCloud. The cloud storage service which was to be released with the iOS5 has been pushed out today. With, users will be able to store their data  on the virtual storage service.

The iCloud should pull Apple out of the misery that MobileMe brought forth. I mean Apple has been an industry changer in terms of mobile, computing and music devices in the likes of the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch, the company hasn’t been impressive in the online business. The iCloud is expected to change the game for Apple and how people use their iPhone, iPod and the iPad. The iOS 5 users will be given 5GB of free iCloud Storage. Of course this is for free and you can purchase extra space as per your requirement.

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iphone4slaunch iPhone 4S, Siri and Faster Browsing Shown In A Video

While the Apple product, the iPhone 4S has broken the record with 1 Million unit sales in just 24 hours we have first hand videos of the device as well. The video comes from China and shows the working of Siri and the benchmarks of the device.

The browser score for example on the iPhone 4S running the iOS 5 is 89567 compared to 44856 on the iPhone 4 running the iOS 5. Which is twice the score. This shows that the hardware overhaul has been very fruitful for the device and while it lacks the new design, it definitely wins the battle in performance. Though it is less than that on the Samsung Galaxy SII which has a 94.000 plus score and is half a year older than the new iPhone 4S.

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168858 apple ceo tim cook speaks in front of an image of an iphone 4s at appl iPhone 4S Sales Hit 1 Million In One Day, Another Record

This was bound to happen with all the hype prior the release of the next generation of the iPhone. The iPhone 4S, being a disappointment for many who were expecting an iPhone 5 with a large screen and what not, the release was marked by the news of the sad demise of Steve Jobs and of course the death of a mindset as well. However the iPhone 4S has broken all records, as usual hitting 1 Million sales in just one day.

The legacy of Steve Jobs will live in the Apple products to come. I am sure we can expect his approved designs for the next one year at least, given the guy [and of course the folks at Apple] though well in advance like any other great technology company. I dislike the new iPhone 4S, but that’s just me [and I know I can never justify why I dislike the device], but it is definitely a great piece of hardware sitting in the same old crappy iPhone 4 design.

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xlarge the new iphone 4s iPhone 5 NO It’s The iPhone 4S Announced Instead: Siri, iCloud All Coming October 12!

As I said, the iPhone 5 will not be released because Apple had screwed over a lot of things. From delayed screens, to what not. Apple even went down with the Ban Samsung Galaxy Tab in Germany, Australia and anywhere it could have the Samsung tablet banned. All this was done to hide the shame it was destined to face by delaying the iPhone 5.

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image thumb2 iPhone 5 Release Set To Be Announced At The Apple Event

We are all anxious, figuring out the right Hashtag [#] for the Apple Media Event, iPhone, iPod Touch, etc on Twitter. Keeping our eyes open on all those live blogging right from the event, news, photos, etc. Hoping to get our readers the best of the event. While this is still a short while away. We thought we would create a welcome room to begin with the coverage.

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iPhone 5 release iPhone 5 Release Still Flamed With Rumors, More Cases RevealedThat’s it. This is perhaps the last round of rumors you will be reading here before the next generation of the iPhone is announced by Tim Cook a few hours from now at the Apple Media Event. This is certainly one of the most hyped up events since the launch of the original iPhone back in the day. Maybe its because a lot has happened during this short while, from Steve Jobs stepping down as the CEO of Apple to the brand actually introducing two models of the iPhone simultaneously. The iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5. Read More »

If you thought what exactly made Apple run after Samsung and accuse it of infringing its patents, you are at the right place to have that answered. Following are a few pictures that surprisingly reveals how the Korean manufacturer had earned a bad name. And more importantly destroyed its Reputation.

If you still think Apple was wrong, think again, this is ultimate. I just wonder what new patent wars will open up with the release of the iPhone 5.

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