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iPhone 4s Unlocked Unlocked iPhone 4S Coming In November, A Bit Expensive, Arent They?

You read that right, Apple is finally embracing the free iPhone, I mean free of carrier. The news came in today, a day after the sad demise of Steve Jobs owing to his long illness and Pancreatic Cancer and Apple following the visionary’s path, is back in business, staying hungry, staying foolish. I am sure Steve Jobs would have done the same, resumed work immediately after leaving planet Earth, I mean if this was possible by any means.

Just not one thing though, Apple isn’t selling Free iPhone 4S nor is it having Cheap iPhone devices. These unlocked iPhone 4S will be available November onwards and will begin from 16GB costing $649 to the 64GB costing a whopping $849. I guess many would rather go for the contract based device and than manually unlock it. It is a good news for people in countries like Pakistan where people usually have to take a really expensive route at getting an iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS, even now. With this everyone can buy a Factory Unlocked iPhone fairly cheaply. Finally the search queries like Free iPhone, Cheap iPhone, iPhone 4 unlock will be lessening.

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image thumb20 The WWDC 2010: Apple [Re] Unveils The iPhone 4 [HD], The Keynote Was Quite Un Applish

The WWDC 2010, as always has seen a remarkable attendance. Many of us were obviously aware what is coming out this time from Apple especially since the iPhone 4G became old news after a leak by Gizmodo. But as is the case with Apple, it isn’t just about a device or two, the yearly event brings forth major announcement and the upcoming items from Apple.

There were speculations of the iPhone Verizon marriage earlier but that simply remained a rumor and Apple will continue to bundle the iPhone with AT&T. The pricing, well the iPhone 4 HD 16GB would cost you $199 and the iPhone HD 32GB would be available for $299. There is no price drop, which isn’t unusual given that the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS were sold like hot cakes across the globe and people continue to buy Apple products for whatever price they are available. Gladly enough Steve Jobs and his team was kind enough to not be greedy and increase the price.

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image thumb105 Apple’s Leaked iPhone 4G Costs Gizmodo $5,000, A Police Raid, 4 Computers And 2 Servers [Legal Issue]

This is breaking indeed! After Gizmodo got its hands on the next generation of the iPhone for $5,000 and had Apple falling head over heels with its age old reputation of keeping its devices/gadgets a top secret, the story takes a nasty turn. Jason Chen, the editor at Gizmodo had his house raided by the Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team in California to follow the investigation over how the phone got to them and more importantly why they wont hand it over to Apple.

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image thumb80 I Couldn’t Help Staying Quite On This: What Apple’s iPhone 4G Was Thought To Be Like

I couldn’t keep myself from posting this after Gizmodo might actually have made a fortune in terms of Link juice, PR and fame and Apple might very well be biting lips over the leaked iPhone 4G. To be honest I am very happy it happened, for whatever reason! Be it Steve Jobs and co. doing it on purpose or the celebrating software engineer from Apple forgot it in the bar, I just like whatever happened and something actually leaked out.

One this is decided for sure, Apple will try to bring in a different design other than what already made its way out. Perhaps not a complete overhaul in design but ADR Studio’s Anthony Da Rosa  has come up with a few designs how it would have looked like or might look like when Apple launches the new phone in June, at the WWDC 2010. What’s your take on this? Any tips on how the new design for the iPhone?

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