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image thumb56 Windows Mobile 7 Is All Hype, Fails To Impress In This Comparison With iPhone 4

I am not a die hard fan of the iPhone or the Windows Mobile but it becomes absolutely essential to keep an eye on al news when you are in love with technology. A lot is anticipated of the Windows Mobile 7 in all honesty. However we got hold of a video comparison of the LG phone powered by the Windows Mobile 7 and the iPhone 4. If you aren’t into reading the whole thing, here are a few words to wrap it up: both are very different.

In my personal opinion, if that LG is running WM7, it looks very dull. The difference are visible right from the unlock screen. The iPhone keeps up with Apple’s tradition of a simple unlock screen while that of the WM7 is simple. It displays notifications on the screen like Calendar appointments, Gmail, etc. Apple’s iPhone as we know doesn’t display anything but slide to unlock. Once unlocked, the difference are more visible on both devices.

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image thumb20 Korea And Taiwan Markets Get Unofficial iPhone 4 Launch Dates

This one is going to be a big one for iPhone lovers in Korea and Taiwan as we have come across the unofficial dates for the iPhone 4 launch in the region. According to our sources, Apple will have the iPhones available in Korean and Taiwanese markets on September 10. That’s just a few days from today.

It is interesting that the pre-orders for the smartphone have been made available since August, despite news on any official launch dates. The device is very popular, given that in Taiwan alone there have been 150,000 pre-orders since August, although we have been informed that the markets won’t have it for sale till mid September.

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image thumb Apple Music Event: What To Expect Today?

The Apple Music Event is just a few hours away and we are, as always we are both sure and unsure of a few things coming our way today. The entire Web has been streaming with news, rumors about the iPod Touch 4s, etc in association to what is coming. Starting from the most pointless of Lady Gaga to start in new Apple Commercials, all the way to a useful extension of preview length for tracks on iTunes. There can a lot more or many might just be left disappointed, though the probability is low.

I thought of jotting down a few expectations that I have in connection to today’s event. Thought I would share what might be coming our way, beginning with:

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image thumb143 Sorry Steve, Unlike iPhone 4, Samsung Omnia 2 Doesn’t Have Antennagate Issue

I bet everyone has seen politicians playing the blame-game in every state instead of correcting their wrongs. And I bet this is common in other sectors too. Well only recently the great Steve jobs demonstrated that by going cheap and finding the antenna issues on other smartphones, rather trying to accept and promising to correct the issue on the iPhone 4.

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image thumb67 Proof: Verizon And Apple Set To Test CDMA iPhone 4 And Next Generation Of iPad

At times Apple rumors are nothing better than being disregarded and thrown in the trash but many times they turn out true. Rumors associated to a Verizon iPhone 4 that supports CDMA have been circling for some time and today a block of code reassures that it might just exist. In real.

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image thumb62 Enable FaceTime Over 3G On iPhone 4 With FaceBreak App [Only For Jailbreak iPhone 4]

FaceTime has been quite an attention grabber, especially with people looking forward to make it work on 3G as well. We talked about one method on how to Run FaceTime on 3G with My3G and here comes another. You can also use FaceBreak to enable FaceTime over your 3G network to make FaceTime calls.

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image thumb33 And The Biggest Whiner Is.. Apple For Its Continued Whining Over iPhone 4 Antenna / Death Grip

Alright, there is a new battle raging through the mobile world thanks Mr. Once Perfect; Steve Jobs, who took the stage to address with the iPhone 4’s antenna issue. The CEO, much to our surprise was open to allege the grip of death that causes all mobiles to lose signal strength. The death grip is nothing but how you hold your phone and the brave Steve Jobs highlighted similar problems with smartphones like: the BlackBerry, the HTC Droid and even Nokia.

Apple highlighted the E71 losing signal strength if gripped inappropriately while Nokia in reply stated there is no such issue reported. I agree with Nokia, have been using the device for almost a decade now and never experienced a drastic signal drop owing to handling of the device until today. I just thought that I must give it a try by holding the device in a manner Apple highlighted and yes, the signal strength did drop, abruptly from 7 bars to 1. This was tested with the Nokia E71, the E63 [took a lot of effort for one bar to drop] and another phone from China by the name of Q-Mobile, all three devices had a signal drop, but, I was holding the phones really tight from the bottom area, the way no mobile user would hold his or her phone. I tried doing the same with the iPhone 3G and it didn’t register a signal drop.

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image thumb69 Complains About The iPhone 4: Signal Loss, Yellow Spots…. This Isn’t Apple!

Could Apple be really this careless? Or has it really got over confident with the success it has achieved with its products the likes of the iPod, iPhone and the latest hit; the iPad. Clouded by all that, reports and user comments on various sites suggest that many users aren’t satisfied with the iPhone 4. Forget Retina Display, the 5MP camera with a flash, etc the device has some major issues.

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