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iPhone 4s Unlocked Unlocked iPhone 4S Coming In November, A Bit Expensive, Arent They?

You read that right, Apple is finally embracing the free iPhone, I mean free of carrier. The news came in today, a day after the sad demise of Steve Jobs owing to his long illness and Pancreatic Cancer and Apple following the visionary’s path, is back in business, staying hungry, staying foolish. I am sure Steve Jobs would have done the same, resumed work immediately after leaving planet Earth, I mean if this was possible by any means.

Just not one thing though, Apple isn’t selling Free iPhone 4S nor is it having Cheap iPhone devices. These unlocked iPhone 4S will be available November onwards and will begin from 16GB costing $649 to the 64GB costing a whopping $849. I guess many would rather go for the contract based device and than manually unlock it. It is a good news for people in countries like Pakistan where people usually have to take a really expensive route at getting an iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS, even now. With this everyone can buy a Factory Unlocked iPhone fairly cheaply. Finally the search queries like Free iPhone, Cheap iPhone, iPhone 4 unlock will be lessening.

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xlarge the new iphone 4s iPhone 5 NO It’s The iPhone 4S Announced Instead: Siri, iCloud All Coming October 12!

As I said, the iPhone 5 will not be released because Apple had screwed over a lot of things. From delayed screens, to what not. Apple even went down with the Ban Samsung Galaxy Tab in Germany, Australia and anywhere it could have the Samsung tablet banned. All this was done to hide the shame it was destined to face by delaying the iPhone 5.

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image thumb20 iPhone 5 Release Announcement Probable On October 5 In An Apple Event

Here’s one more to bag into your rumor bag about Apple. PocketGamer has shared inside news on Apple holding a press conference on October 5th, which will have announcements on the next generation of the iPhone. Yes, precisely, the iPhone 5 as we all wait in anticipation for this device to roll out, come on its sickening.

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 Release iPhone 5 Imminent, iPhone 4S A Possibility Too

Behold more news on the iPhone 5 or should I say rumors. Not exactly, this close to the launch which is more or less being confirmed and locked for October 15 and as per some sources to be October 7. Whatever the date of the announcement is, we are now more sure that there will be two iPhone devices that are to be launched in October, the iPhone 4S, which is the update to the iPhone 4 and is tipped to be the less expensive and is contract free. The other is the other is the obvious iPhone 5.

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 As iPhone 5 Release Date Approaches, More iPhone 5 Cases Surface

You got to give in to these rumors and keep searching Google for the latest updates on the entire iPhone saga. The next generation tipped to succeed the iPhone 4 is set to be in the limelight in October. Which is a mere few weeks from today. The iPhone 5 has garnered a lot of following, which isn’t surprising for any Apple product.

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cava 22 11 iPhone 5 Prototype: Another Apple Prototype Lost In A Bar!

This has to be untrue. Apple has or to put it more correctly, had lost another unreleased version of the iPhone, which could be the highly anticipated iPhone 5. The scenario? Same like last year when one of the Apple employees lost the iPhone 4 in a bar, the phone landed up in the hands of a person who sold it to Gizmodo for a whopping $5,000. The only difference here being no Gizmodo has bought it and it reportedly went very cheap for a mere $200 on Craigslist. What a cheap sell out! Maybe the guy didn’t want to be in the limelight by asking for a huge sum.

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iphone 4 Cheap iPhone 4 With 8GB Might Be In The Making–Rumors

Cheaper iPhone is what everyone searches for and is looking for the right deal to make the purchase. You can of course buy used devices but that’s not fun when many around you are purchasing the iPhones off the Apple shelves and you only have someone else’s used device. Fret not as rumors predict the coming of the cheap 8GB iPhone 4.

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image thumb36 iPhone With 4G LTE Hints Found In iOS 5–We Doubt Its Coming Before 2012 Though

Remember us reporting about AT&T VP hinting at the iPhone 5, we thought he was just bluffing but it appears it’s not the case. There have been more hints at what could be the coming of the 4G LTE iPhone. Now call it the iPhone 4S or whatever but we are sniffing a growing interest of Apple beyond 3G.

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image thumb27 iPad 3 Not Coming As iPhone 5 Parts Continue To Surface

While we had been hearing news or rumors to be precise that Apple has lost its mind and will be releasing the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and the iPad 3 in October, things seem to have been washed off as the iPad 3 seems to have been delayed. The reason being the lack of screens for the next generation of the iPad. We are talking about the lack of the quality that Retina Display brought forth in the iPhone 4, with this not available by vendors [as per our reports, SHARP being the only one capable to produce these]. To cut the long story short, the iPad 3 is not coming till 2012 next year.

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image thumb19 iPhone 5, iPhone 4S And The iPad 3 Are All Coming Next Month–Talk About Insane Rumors, Bah!

Can someone pass me a trash can so I can dump these rumors once and for all? Seriously there is just a bit too much of iPhone all across the web and the rumors are now turning from interesting to downright unbelievable and worse; boring. The latest round of rumor has gone the limits to state that Apple will be releasing not just the iPhone 5 [and the iPhone 5 unboxing], but the iPhone 4S, a cheaper version of the iPhone 4 based on the CDMA technology and the iPad 3. Now if only has Steve Jobs has lost it, we might actually see this happen, but Steve Jobs is sick, not losing his sanity.

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