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image thumb62 2 Million In 59 Days Was Less, Apple Sells A Record 3 Million iPads in Just 80 Days

I shouldn’t even be reporting this given how successful Apple is when it comes to selling its products. Especially the last four years that have seen rocketing sales of the iPhone, iPod, MacBooks and what not. The latest inventory is the iPad and it’s sales are soaring. 2 Million was the record it set in the first two months and now it has crossed well over 3 million pieces in just 80 days.

That’s more than a million additional downloads in just 20 days. And it’s not just the piece of hardware which makes it a must have gadget, the value is further added by an already expanding database of apps, which currently has over 11,000 new apps taking absolute advantage of its larger multi-touch interface and an even better graphics. Of course that excludes over 225,000 apps in the App Store, most of those apps can be run on the iPad too.

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image thumb42 AT&T: We Are Apologize 114,000 iPad 3G Owners For Letting Goatse Security Screw With Your Accounts

AT&T is aware that it made a mess of user privacy, when a a group of Hackers by the name of Goatse Security successfully exposed over 114,000 iPad 3G owners emails. This happened right when the WWDC 2010 was in full sway. The carrier has apologized its customers in a letter sent out to them earlier.

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image thumb32 AT&T And Apple Take A Slap As 114,000 iPad Users’ Data Gets Leaked. Thanks AT&T

Today more than 114,000 iPad users had their information leaked user data. Looks like the year 2010 has some sort of happening for Apple. I am not talking about the good side, for example selling more than 2 million iPads in less than two months or the great iPhone being revealed officially to the world at the WWDC. I am talking about the bad things so far, first there was the ugly leak of the iPhone4G by Gizmodo, then the perfection of the WWDC broken as the WiFi failed right when its CEO, Steve Jobs demonstrated the browsing in the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4 [HD].

The issue can be due to the flaw within the devices as well as the carrier, AT&T. A group of hackers, Goatse Security found a vulnerability as they made a Guinea Pig out of the AT&T website, exposing information about hundreds of thousands of users. The attack revealed user email addresses as well as IDs with which each one of them authenticates their accounts at the network. If the flaw was this big, I bet the number of victims might include all of iPad users.

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image thumb88 Apple Sells Off 2 Million iPads……… In Just Two Months

I haven’t really used the iPad like it is meant to be used but the first touch on the device and I was in love with it. Sleek, elegant, swift to function, large enough to see and browse the Web and the touch screen, the perfect Apple trademark. I hate the iPhone without a doubt, just don’t like it but this device, makes me an absolute Apple fan.

The news however is that Apple has sold a massive 2 million devices in less than 2 months of its release. Another interesting aspect of the news is that Apple had sold over a million devices in the US alone last week, with the iPad being shipped to customers outside the region beginning from last week. I just have no idea how Apple is able to do this, of course it gives you the best product out there but that comes at a high price, it isn’t as affordable as the many devices out there that many people can usually buy but it manages to sell and sell really well, breaking its own records.

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image thumb107 Facebook Gives Up To Apple’s Stubbornness: Brings .MP4 Format Videos To Play On The iPad

Apple hates Adobe and no matter how essential has Flash become for the Web, Apple has it own personal score to settle with it. Well this could have caused a lot of trouble with viewing videos on Facebook, our beloved social network. Today that changes as the social network decided to find its our work around method to enable its users to watch videos on the iPad.

News across the Web that the social networking platform was using the HTML 5 compatibility to enable users view videos but that is not the case. The platform is saving itself the burden of evolving into the newer format, rather converting the videos to .MP4, the format we are all aware of and see widely played on mobile device and the Web. This had to happen, I mean the social network is definitely a must have for everyone and if iPad were to suffer the angst of Apple and leave its users missing the fun of social networking on the device.

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image thumb27 Apple Hates Adobe And The Hate Is There To Stay – But I Am With Adobe!

Whenever you are angered or enraged at anything and the War can’t be fought face to face, the best place then is Facebook. Forget support for a good cause and be mean; rally your supporters against the tyranny of one or many, bring it on Facebook Adobe has done that, unofficially.

Given the latest development in the Adobe/Apple saga and Steve Jobs’ harsh words and an iron will to never let Adobe come close to any product of Apple: iPad, iPhone and… the iPad. You heard or should I say read it right – Never. The war from Adobe has come to Facebook and its fans are already cursing Apple for the dictatorial and the anti-competitive methodology it has adopted. Why so? Wouldn’t that actually help Apple get the big grab on in the market if it makes use of the platform? More developers mean more options for its consumers and an even bigger market the only and sadly the major risk involved is that Apple would have had to compromise on its hegemony over its hardware. Obviously that is quite huge sacrifice to make.

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