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Screen Shot 2012 03 07 at 10.22.34 AM 520x291 iPad 3 Released Has 264 PPI Retina Display, Quad Core A5X Chip, 5MP Camera–Just a retuning of The iPad 2

Apple has announced the new iPad 3 (iPad HD) that boasts 4G capability.  The iPad 3 will be on sale on March 16 as we had already stated and is available for Pre-Orders today. It has also been stated that the device will be available across 32 more countries from March 23. Great, so we don’t really have to wait ages before the next generation of the iPad is seen in the markets.

Some key features include:

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ipad 3 pictures The iPad 3 Will Have Haptic Feedback And Probably SenSeg Is Behind It

While the rumor mill gets active as the Apple event and the inevitable announcement of the iPad 3 / iPad HD, there is one rumor which is believable. We have seen how Apple has advertised next generation of the iPad, (We have something you really have to see. And Touch) and with the word “touch” we think it has everything to do with the exclusion of the Physical Home Button that has managed to exist on the otherwise one button Apple devices (the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad). News is also rolling out that Senseg, a Helsinki based firm is probably giving the new iPad it’s button free existence.

The new iPad might just have Steve Jobs’ idea come true – and with Haptic feedback, already present across many mobile devices, we might just see it happen with the iPad 3. The reports have been detailed out across all notable blogs, including The Next Web, where Mathew Panzarino stated:

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image thumb8 iPad 3 or As Some Say the iPad HD Releasing on March 16

Call me an Anti-Apple person (I am avoiding explicit words here) but the truth is that news of the next generation of the iPad is going to be called the iPad HD and not the iPad 3. iPad HD, HTC Desire HD, isn’t that a similar naming convention adopted by Apple rivals? Ones that Apple along with his fanboys detests so much? I thought these guys tried to do things a bit differently from the common and the usual, but they couldn’t come up with something different in terms of the name. After of course manufacturing devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad that boast remarkable architecture and hardware?

These are but rumors that have been circling the blogs minting hits out of the Apple products and the upcoming iPad 3/iPad HD. As for the question when is the iPad 3 releasing? The word is it will be announced today at the Apple Event and will be hitting the shelves on March 16 (not confirmed). As for the features include improving the Retina Display Resolution by twice the existing one. Other than it will also feature a quad core processor, LTE connectivity to name a few. We are waiting the releasing of this device and we are confident that it will be something BIG.

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image thumb8 iPad 3 Release Is On March 7 At Apple Event

Like it or not, Apple is dropping a bomb on March 7 and we expect the iPad 3 to be announced at the upcoming Apple Event. There are lots of expectations in terms of making a lot of improvements. Some of these include improving the Retina Display Resolution by twice the existing one. Other than it will also feature a quad core processor, LTE connectivity to name a few.

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image thumb29 hiphone Or iPhone 5 Leaks Continue To Hint At iPhone 5 Release

Report me as a sold out Apple blogger for now, but I can’t help writing about all the latest iPhone 5 rumors. I feel sick of being so very obsessed with Apple but that’s just me. Yesterday we reported that we will definitely not be seeing the next generation of the iPad, the iPad 3 as the lack of availability of the high resolution screens for the iPad 3. However rumors associated to the iPhone 5 and images of its parts continue to spring from left, right and center.

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image thumb27 iPad 3 Not Coming As iPhone 5 Parts Continue To Surface

While we had been hearing news or rumors to be precise that Apple has lost its mind and will be releasing the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and the iPad 3 in October, things seem to have been washed off as the iPad 3 seems to have been delayed. The reason being the lack of screens for the next generation of the iPad. We are talking about the lack of the quality that Retina Display brought forth in the iPhone 4, with this not available by vendors [as per our reports, SHARP being the only one capable to produce these]. To cut the long story short, the iPad 3 is not coming till 2012 next year.

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image thumb19 iPhone 5, iPhone 4S And The iPad 3 Are All Coming Next Month–Talk About Insane Rumors, Bah!

Can someone pass me a trash can so I can dump these rumors once and for all? Seriously there is just a bit too much of iPhone all across the web and the rumors are now turning from interesting to downright unbelievable and worse; boring. The latest round of rumor has gone the limits to state that Apple will be releasing not just the iPhone 5 [and the iPhone 5 unboxing], but the iPhone 4S, a cheaper version of the iPhone 4 based on the CDMA technology and the iPad 3. Now if only has Steve Jobs has lost it, we might actually see this happen, but Steve Jobs is sick, not losing his sanity.

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