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image thumb19 iPhone 5, iPhone 4S And The iPad 3 Are All Coming Next Month–Talk About Insane Rumors, Bah!

Can someone pass me a trash can so I can dump these rumors once and for all? Seriously there is just a bit too much of iPhone all across the web and the rumors are now turning from interesting to downright unbelievable and worse; boring. The latest round of rumor has gone the limits to state that Apple will be releasing not just the iPhone 5 [and the iPhone 5 unboxing], but the iPhone 4S, a cheaper version of the iPhone 4 based on the CDMA technology and the iPad 3. Now if only has Steve Jobs has lost it, we might actually see this happen, but Steve Jobs is sick, not losing his sanity.

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image thumb16 As Release Of iPhone 5 Comes Closer More Images Surface

Wow, that is all I can say after seeing what could be the next iPhone 5 in the images shared by Macrumors a day back. Its different, looks more appealing, large and the screen for once is bigger that the tiny ones on the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and all previous generations of the iPhone. Call me being over excited or something but if this happens to be the design for the next iPhone release, I am definitely buying one.

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image thumb JailbreakMe 3.0 For iPad 2 Coming Soon

I guess everyone out there is waiting for the jailbreak experts to come out with a neat method to jailbreak the iPad 2. If I recall it correctly there had been a leak earlier, probably to make haste with the official release of the userland jailbreak for the Apple iPad. Reports also suggest that some users already have access to download the links and have their iPad 2 on iOS 4.3 jailbroken. Read More »

image thumb41 Jailbreak iPad 2   Possible Very Soon

P0sixninja has thrown the news of a working iPad 2 jailbreak in a little over two weeks, something that has been anticipated for quite a long time. The jailbreak is expected to be of the same nature as the methods used in earlier releases.

This simply translates to the fact that current hacks will be in use and the DFU mode will be mainstay. The release of the jailbreak will also make it possible for all futures iOS 4.3 versions will be supported. Those of you who are willing to be a part of the most hyped event in relation to jailbreaking devices, MyGreatFest is where you must be heading on to. The jailbreak conference is set to take place on the the 17th of September and will feature key speakers and guests from the Jailbreak community.

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image thumb10 Geohot Will Jailbreak iPad 2, Takes Up The Challenge

While all iOS devices including the iPhone 4, iPod Touch and the iPad have been long jailbroken the second generation of the iPad, iPad 2 remains a challenge. A challenge that has been taken up by Geohot after P0sixninja posted a tweeted daring someone to dump the iPad 2 bootrom. Read More »

For those of you in wait for the iPad 2, the next generation of the Apple tablet will be available on Friday, 5PM local time. The device was announced last week in San Francisco at the Yerba Buena Center for Arts and I bet it is bound to beat the sales records of its ancestor, the iPad.

image thumb4 Apple iPad 2 Available On Friday, March 11

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For those of you other than us who had been waiting all this time on hearing about the iOS 4.3, here’s a relief. Reports state that Apple will be announcing the iOS 4.3 Golden Master next week.

image thumb21 iOS 4.3 Releasing Next Week Along With The iPad 2?

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image thumb13 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: Android Honeycomb, Dual Core Processor And Dual Camera

The Mobile World Congress might be a bit too big of an event for me to cover but here’s one big news. Samsung announced or rather revealed the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 at the MWC 2011 and the device is impressive by all means.

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We are anticipating the news of Apple announcing the iPad 2 anytime in the next few days. But the rumors continue to pop up as there has been a more concrete claim from 9to5Mac on what screen will be used for the second generation of the iPad.

image thumb2 Apple iPad 2 Display Images Leaked! Made By LG Philips And Is 9.7 Inch

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image thumb40 Apple iPad 2 Production To Begin in February–Rumor

As February draws closer rumors appear to be turning into more concrete news on Apple and its next generation of the iPhone and the iPad. According to latest news the production of iPad 2 is set to step into pilot production from next month. This would eventually catch more flare towards the end of June before Apple finally starts shipping the devices.

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