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Chatwing logo good2 300x59 Chatwing: Expanding the Horizons of Blogging and Internet MarketingIn a world filled with quick information jetting unstoppably, it is crucial to be flexible. There are thousands of ways on how to handle information, and they can be overwhelming for the average individual. However, people who are exposed to the Internet are already prepared to enter the chaotic but profitable world of blogging and internet marketing.

Blogging and internet marketing must coexist with one another. Old-fashioned good content is still required nowadays, but marketing is the leverage. If you are new in the blogging industry, better keep in mind that marketing is ace. You cannot move forward without the simplest aspects of marketing. Luckily, you don’t have to be overwhelmed when it comes to the premise of marketing. I will recommend a very useful program that can grant you an edge in the sea of online competition. This program, by all means, is a chat box that goes by the name of Chatwing.

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image thumb F*CK! Hideous Sites Still Exist In 2012!

You know it when you get such requests and pitches. I personally hate the idea of startups putting up pitches and being so ridiculous! I mean you have an idea, want to help people, solve a problem but please, with all due respect invest some time in making your Website look pleasant instead of some unattended piece of garbage can. Especially when you want to be considered for a review.

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image thumb11 Internet TV Is Veoh The Perfect Place For Fans?

Veoh is a very interesting Internet TV site; it not only provides a huge selection of TV shows or videos but also streams some videos directly from other Internet TV sites such as Hulu. This is quite a good strategy as it allows Veoh to expand its library and that too without having to store the videos. What more does a site need than this?

The thing that is quite frustrating about Veoh, which is worth mentioning, is the fact that the content available on the site is quite cluttered. Compared to other sites, the clips and videos available on Veoh are often misleading and irrelevant since the clips are mixed with the full episodes that you are looking for.  The reason for all this cluttering is that many clips and videos are submitted by the users, so when you search for a specific video you will come across the search result showing many irrelevant videos and user content that is of no interest to you. Due to these unprofessional and user-submitted clips, the site often looks amateur when you are searching for professional TV shows. Read More »

Tips 5 Ways to Stay Alive And Visible Online

Invisible sounds great when you talk about the Fantastic Four and the likes. But when it comes to a product, brand or simply your Blog, invisibility is one super power you wouldn’t enjoy having. There has been a massive migration to gain maximum visibility online, leverage that offline and have more eyes learning about your product or service. I mean look at us, we would do anything to create noise on any platform to ensure our words are visible to more, even if it involves commenting on blogs that belong to our competitors. Without visibility, your site may as well be worthless as it won’t be gaining the attention needed to be profitable.

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Jobs 365,000 New Jobs In UK– Google Predictions. Can Be 10 Times Higher In Developing Nations

If someone tells an opportunist that investing in something would result in over 100 new jobs daily, would entice him to hear more and be ready to invest. Especially if that idea is all about co-creation, collaboration and involves least possible investment from a unified body. That’s what the Internet can do, mentioned Phillip Schindler, London based vice-president of Google. Well actually the Internet has been doing exactly that in the last 5 years, maybe not hundreds of jobs daily but it has definitely opened up more doors to the youngsters and almost single handedly spread the word of entrepreneurship far and wide, so much that even the guy who has no idea of what that means, somehow knows what it refers to. Paradox? Maybe, but I couldn’t put it better than this.

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WOT WOT Partners With Mail.ru Russias Largest Email ProviderSecurity online is one of the major issues and concerns for all the people hooked to it. We have seen how compromising can it be for anyone; from individuals to organizations. We have seen the Sony PlayStation network being hacked by some notorious folks out there and very recently the Nokia Developers Forum a couple of days back. It can be denting to the reputation that takes decades to build and trust that’s very hard earned. Now I don’t need to reiterate the entire philosophy behind trust building. Read More »

image thumb Google +1: Déjà vu! Feature leaked before Google AnnouncementGoogle seems to have some pretty sloppy partners, especially when it comes to keeping new products and features to themselves. They somehow, almost always manage to leak upcoming news and products a day or two before Google officially does so. Read More »

Angry Birds Craft Angry Birds Theme Song Video Goes Viral

There is nothing more viral than an interesting video on YouTube. I mean its easier to decipher, much easier to get the message across and much more sensible to share. I came across Mashable recently and stumbled over a recent addition to the many self made videos from YouTube celebrities. Read More »

image thumb24 Osama Bin Laden Abbottabad Compound Counter Strike Map Available For DownloadLooks like the Osama Bin Laden saga still has a lot of life remaining and I guess no one, in governments globally, intelligence agencies, journalists, social media freaks and gaming hot shots are going to let it die. We had been hearing rumors of a possible Hollywood movie or a game on Osama Bin Laden raid. Turns out we have already got our hands on one really good experience.

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image thumb16 Street View Goes Inside Buildings With Google Business PhotosGoogle is taking Google Maps to another level with the release of Business Photos, a product that will let users see what the inside of a local business is like. Time for those untidy, tacky businesses to work on their interiors to ensure clients walk in. Read More »