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image thumb F*CK! Hideous Sites Still Exist In 2012!

You know it when you get such requests and pitches. I personally hate the idea of startups putting up pitches and being so ridiculous! I mean you have an idea, want to help people, solve a problem but please, with all due respect invest some time in making your Website look pleasant instead of some unattended piece of garbage can. Especially when you want to be considered for a review.

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image thumb What Is Cloud Computing? Shit!
You might have MIT or Oxford’ PhDs in abundance explaining you the latest technology, but you fail. One reason why people resort to point based slides instead of hours of lectures. I have been trying to learn about the Cloud, what exactly makes up the Cloud Computing System and how (in)effective can this be? Had always failed to comprehend the technology, until I came across the following video.

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image thumb45 myBantu: Leave Recommendations To Your Personal AssistantPersonal assistants are not affordable for every one out there. I mean I can’t afford that, to manage my chores, help me find out the right things or news from the bulk available so I don’t waste time filtering the same. This is exactly what many of those social recommendation startups have kept in mind. Perhaps the single most useful thing that social networks and the Web 2.0 has given us. We thought it was time to bring forth a similar startup on this week’s Startup Sunday, bet our readers would love to have one of their own. The startup comes from India.

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image thumb48 Cubic Literals: A One Stop Destination For Students And Graduates Seeking Free Lance Jobs

What is one thing that a student or a fresh graduate want? A decent job or an effective way to utilize time at hand to earn some money. Freelance opportunities is definitely the top priority as you aren’t bound to give a 24/7 of your time and secondly it serves as a good second to make money. And I guess with all the boom in online opportunities this has become quite a norm. You can blog, you can do programming, create websites and what not. But the issue is where and how to find one? I am not sure about all the options but Cubic Literals is a startup where talented students or graduates can find and avail a free lance opportunity.

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Job listings, job search would have been the worst thing for me had it not been for the Internet. Think of browsing through the categories in the newspaper and even worse applying to jobs abroad by sending resume’s via fax or postal. I would have thought of rather staying jobless. Many people around the world have resorted to utilizing the Internet to ease job search and job listings alike and Jobspirate is another startup in the same category.

image thumb44 Jobspirate Job Search Startup Lets You Find Jobs You Need Across The Globe

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image thumb58 Facebook Deals With Reliance And Videocon Ensure Facebook Access On Mobiles Cost You Zero

Talk about good news for the world when people in Pakistan suffer a Facebook ban. Reports state that the social network can now be accessed via mobile devices for free. You heard it right, there will be no roaming charges in more than 45 countries across the selected mobile networks. This includes our neighbor country, India.

With over 400 million users on the social network, this deal with Indian Wireless operators; Videocon and Reliance Communications would be one of the many that would give its users a access on their mobiles devices without any data charges. This has been made possible with the release of the Zero version of Facebook, which we had earlier talked about back in February this year. The new version will be made available across the leading networks in India pretty soon. As for the layout and features, it won’t be much different from the mobile version of the site and would let users update their status, send messages, etc.

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