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Xbox 360 Has No Comparison

There is nothing like being raw and blunt. What could be more insulting to the Xbox owners than to have it compared in any way to other items? Nothing. The reaction is quite predictable and I am sure I will be all red and breathing fire if you were to compare my iPhone with something like a turtle.

But the Xbox is really worth it.

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image thumb3 iPhone 5 Image–Is This The Real iPhone 5?

Now seeing an iPhone lying on a table might appear to be a show off of some cheap replica but someone toying with it makes one think of it being the real deal. Well, of some sort at least. We have been reporting about the iPhone 5 quite a lot in the last few days and today an image added more to the spice of the iPhone 5.

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iPhone 5 Images of iPhone 5 Leaked, Could This Be The Real Deal?Some say the iPhone 5 is delayed till October, others claim that the iPhone 5 is already on sale in China [which is obviously a rumor]. One of the leading tech blogs however has some images of the upcoming iPhone and from the looks of it, it appears as a cross of the previous models of the iPhone; iPhone 3 and iPhone 4.

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image thumb30 “Bing, Can We Borrow Your UI?” Google Tweaks Its Image Search Interface

Looks as if there is a greater influence of Bing coming Google’s way as the search engine pushes its images.google.com to a more visual mode. The Image Search Engine has shed off quite some weight in this experimental redesign and from the looks of it, it appears pleasant. Does that mean I was being arrogant to appreciate Microsoft’s Bing? Not exactly, but Google was simply getting too untidy with image results.

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image thumb22 Google modifies Image Searchs Safe Search Option

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image thumb103 Google trying to make computers intelligent, helping them recognize landmarks

While you and I may find it easy to recognize faces amongst the many in public or the locations we come across on the Web, but computers have a tough time. There has been some work done to improve facial recognition, Google has recently shown interest in teaching computers to recognize landmarks. With this researchers at Google put out a few pictures of an unnamed, untagged picture of a landmark and the system returned it with its locations and name. The system matched the photo with more than 40 million images stored at Picasa and Panoramio along with those found on Google Image Search. The system is pretty intelligent, given that it recognizes more than 50,000 landmarks with 80% accuracy, but to put it out to test it has to do even better primarily because the number of locations available, a 20% shortcoming is a lot more than one would want.