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image thumb7 IBM Dominates The Tech Service Industry.. Right, But For How Long?

IBM as a whole as had its ups and downs, but when in need of some good, reliable tech support it’s hard to match what they got going on in that arena. While Microsoft, Google, Apple, and others will continue to dominate the personal computer software market, places like IBM have become an industry standard for computer service as a whole. And I guess they will continue to enjoy this dominance as long as computing exists.

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image thumb31 HP Murders The WebOS! Goodbye HP Touchpad

The worst that can happen for a die hard fan of any product is open your Google Reader and find out that your beloved product is about to be killed. While this applies to many scenarios, this time it is for the HP fans. Now before I come over to the news, a flashback.

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image thumb28 Mark Hurd Takes A Bow As HP’s CEO Over Sexual Harassment Claims

Bad press for a bad move or at least as alleged, HP is waving goodbye to Mark Hurd, after the CEO, Chairman and President of HP resigned from his position following inquiries regarding a sexual harassment claim coming from an HP contractor. This will be acted upon immediately.

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image thumb124 Microsoft Courier Gets Strangled: I Guess Microsoft Should Marry Google And Power The Tablet With Android

Apple has taken the lead with power tablets with the iPad and while all of us would have been anticipating tough competition to step forth, it is actually being put off. How? Well Microsoft is set to give up on Courier, what it termed to be the future of tablet PCs. To be honest, from what the specs state the device was ought to be pretty impressive, boasting a dual screen, camera, multi-touch and a whole of other features. Sadly it might never be seen.

If I am not wrong, Windows 7 has touch support but sadly enough that would fail big time to provide users with the experience the iPad does. I can guarantee that Microsoft would have released the Courier had Apple postponed or never come out with the iPad. With the power Apple brings with its latest device, it was obvious this had to happen. And oh that’s not it, rumors have it that HP might be pulling the strings off its slate too. Though my resources say it’s a pure rumor and the HP will definitely be launching the gadget soon and its acquisition of Palm earlier for $1.2 Billion is quite an indication why it would as it gives them hold of the webOS another option for the OS instead of the Windows Mobile 7.

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image thumb114 HP Comes To Palm’s Rescue: Acquires Palm For $1.2 Billion

The big news breaks and it was irresistible for me to keep away from not posting it. HP is set to purchase the smartphone manufacturer, Palm for $1.2 billion. A good news for all its fans after the manufacturer has taken one hit after another over time.

The fight will continue to strive to make the Palm OS survive the challenges put forth by the likes of Apple, Android, Nokia’s Symbian and the Windows Mobile, which have evolved rapidly with time. Palm’s webOS has not quite been able to surface high in the ranks and has continued to take a hit over time. HP on the other hand would add power in terms of its massive presence in the industry and bulk of finances to promote and more importantly improve of what remains of the Palm. Palm on the other hand would provide HP the right ingredients to invest in its mobile strategy, building on Palm’s unique OS.

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CropperCapture24 thumb Snowboard Your Time On Facebook With Go Big From HP, Best Buy Rossignol And Intel

Everyone will join Facebook, because everyone else is. You will because all your friends are there on the  social networking platform and brands will because the competitors are jumping in. However there is another way they are making use of the social network’s gaming to make it big. The latest move comes with major players namely; HP, Best Buy, Rossignol and Intel collaborating to bring Go Big a new gaming app for Facebook.

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image thumb24 HP Putting Mobility and Technology to Better Use, Organizes Bloggers Meetup in Pakistan

There is definitely a need for events that help encourage bloggers and social media addicts to come under one roof and communicate with each other. I have always been in for this and admire initiatives taken by industry giants to do the same. Luckily the entire scene is getting a lot of air in Pakistan too as HP plans to close this year with a bloggers’ event in three major cities of the country, namely; Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

The event will also be giving away its Notebook to deserving bloggers and the event is just one of the many it has in plans. To be honest it is definitely going to encourage more people to get serious about the blog, more importantly the industries out there who would see the potential that Blogs have. That doesn’t mean they don’t know about it, its just many avoid giving them the priority like they have in other parts of the globe.

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image thumb42 HP to acquire 3Com: Lets break Ciscos hegemony

In bid to expand into the networking industry, the leading computer manufacturer HP will be acquiring 3Com. The idea is perhaps to counter Cisco whose networking products dominate the industry. 3Com also sells  the similar devices. The other reason could be to break the hegemony of one vendor in the networking scene and Cisco is a perfect example while 3Com on the other hand has been stagnant in growth. The vendor can very well utilize HP’s global influence to gain market share. The acquisition will cost HP $2.7 Billion.