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image thumb31 Enable HDR On iPhone 3G And 3GS With HDR Camera Enabler

Everyone has been muttering the High Dynamic Range Photography feature for the iPhone. HDR as it is known in short is supposed to have been rolled out for the iPhone 4, which definitely had the owners of the iPhone 3G and the 3GS feeling left out. However their worries are short lived as Cydia has the HDR Camera Enabler available under the ModMyI. The HDR Enabler is available for free.

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image thumb155 How To: Manually Power Your Droid Incredible With Froyo

Not many are patient enough to wait for things to come to them, they would gladly rush into things. I am one example, I have the HTC Desire running Android 2.1 and I am impatient for a better method on how to install Froyo on Desire. However there is some good news for Droid Incredible users as Verizon is pushing the manual update for the Froyo.

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image thumb40 7 Step Guide To Run Flash On Your iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS And iPod Touch

Who doesn’t ant to be running Flash content on their iPhone devices? We are all well aware that both Apple and Adobe have a score to settle with each other, it was better that we figured out a way to do it on our own. Just like we do all the Jailbreaking, etc.

There have been numerous tools coming our way, the JailbreakMe, that lets you jailbreak the iPhone via Web, today the same guy brings us Flash on the iPhone. Comex has given us Frash, the Flash port to get this done and the steps that follow are a simple guide on how to run Flash on your iPhone 4. The best part is, those of you who own the iPhone 3GS, the iPod Touch or the iPod can also make use of it. Of course you need to make sure that your device is Jailbroken before you try this one out.

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image thumb33 How To Fix Your T Mobile MMS Issue On iPhone 4 On iOS 4.0 [JailBreak Only]

There are many issues you face on the iPhone especially when you jailbreak the device to get a hold on all those apps not available on the App Store. These issues include certain features not working, like Bluetooth tethering, issues with camera, etc. However T-Mobile users face a totally different one, primarily with sending MMS on the latest Apple release, the iPhone 4 running the iOS version 4.0 and 4.0.1.

Following is the step by step guide on how you can fix this issue and is available in Cydia. There isn’t much and I bet many of the iPhone users out there can easily follow through on this to resolve the issue.

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image thumb44 Why You Need To Read The iPad Publishing Book? Because iPad Is The Future Of Books

When you talk about Apple, and more importantly the wide range of computing devices it has to offer you aren’t just confined to traditional computing. I mean writing codes, editing, playing games or even browsing; anything to do with Apple eventually become a way of life. It revolutionized music with the iPod, the mobile genre with its iPhone and now the next step ahead with their iPad. All these products have almost everything to offer the users out there and while the price me be significantly higher than other similar devices but the products are worth every penny you pay.

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image thumb96 How To Save Yourself From The Evil Of Instant Personalization [#tips]

We are all worried about Facebook, privacy, protecting and more importantly how to protect oneself from the latest induction of features in the social network since f8. We have talked extensively about  the evil button, the power of Like, no more carrying the burden of becoming fan on fanpages and what not. Today we will be talking about how to protect yourself from Instant Personalization.

The steps are pretty simple, provided you have explored Facebook a bit. Follow the steps and the pictorial guide:

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