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image thumb23 How To Jailbreak Untethered Verizon iPhone 4 On iOS 4.2.8 With PwnageTool 4.2 BundlesWhile all those with the Verizon iPhone 4 have been long waiting for the untether jailbreak. I mean users with the iPhone 4, iPod Touch and the iPad have already for their jailbreak when the iPhone Dev Team released Redsn0w 0.9.6rc15 and the PwnageTool for the untethered jailbreak but things had been a bit slow for those with the CDMA based iPhone. There was an earlier release by iH8sn0w that let users on Windows jailbreak their device with Sn0wbreeze 2.7.1 today the developer released PwnageTool 4.2 Bundles for the same.

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image thumb20 Jailbreak iPhone On iOS 4.3.3 Untethered With Redsn0w – Video Guide

We had mentioned the release of the Redsn0w 0.9.6rc15 by the iPhone Dev Team a day before and mentioned that the release will support untethered jailbreak for all iOS 4.3.3 devices. And as the release makes way the Web gets flooded with how tos and guides on jailbreaking your iPhone, iPod Touch or the iPad. We thought about posting step by step guide for our readers but came across this helpful tutorial from our friends at RP and thought we would rather share this to help simplify the process. Read More »

image thumb26 iPhone iOS 4.3.2 Jailbreak Untethered With Sn0wbreeze 2.6 On Windows

For all the Windows users out there, iPhone developer iH8sn0w released a latest version of Sn0wbreeze 2.6 to enable jailbreak iOS 4.3.2 untethered on the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad and the iPod Touch. As mentioned earlier for the Redsn0w method, this version does not yet support jailbreak for the iPad 2.

The initial jailbreak for the iOS 4.3.2 came with the PwnageTool but it had been reported that it was limited to tethered boot alone. But the recent releases of both the Redsn0w and the Sn0wbreeze users can jailbreak their iOS devices untethered running on the iOS 4.3.2 firmware. Coming back to the jailbreak guide for the Sn0wbreeze, users will first need to download the following tools and files and then follow the steps mentioned:

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image thumb17 iPhone  4.3.2 Jailbreak Untethered Possible With i0n1c Exploit

In a tweet earlier, Comex, the guy behind JailbreakMe and Spirit jailbreak tools confirmed that untethered jailbreak was still  possible on the iOS 4.3.2 with the i0n1c’s exploit. The exploit was the same used for untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3.1.

From his tweet:

@comex: By the way, iOS 4.3.2 is (as far as I can see) still vulnerable to @i0n1c’s untether vulnerability.

It will be interesting to see if Apple is able to cover up these vulnerabilities in the operating system to make these exploits and thus the jailbreaks impossible. But given how essential these are in making the device more usable [in my humble opinion], Apple should not resort to doing anything that angers its users. Read More »

image thumb7 How To Jailbreak iPad on iOS 4.3 With PwnageTool

We have been talking quite a lot about the iOS 4.3 on Startup Meme and thought it was time that we shared a method on how to jailbreak the iOS 4.3 for the iPad. This method is at present tethered only meaning that you will have to boot the device into jailbreak mode each time you restart your device.

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If you happen to be like me hating the newly introduced Photo Album Viewer from Facebook you are here for the right thing. I am not what exactly prompted mark Zuckerberg to come up with such a stupid design. Has no aesthetics, is almost impossible to grasp how exactly does this new bit helps, etcetera. But you can get rid of it. Read More »

image thumb4 GreenPois0n RC5 Untethered Jailbreak For iOS 4.2.1 Released Finally!

There have been many request lately on people inquiring about the untethered iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak for all the existing iOS devices. The Chronic Dev team had been in works and has finally released the GreenPois0n RC5 for all Apple. The major difference between GreenPois0n RC5 and the Redsn0w 0.9.7 is that you aren’t required to have the SHSH blobs of 4.2 beta 3 on Cydia.

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image thumb38 Update iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad To iOS 4.3 Beta Without Developer Account

I know how frustrating it is at times to have a beta release of the latest iOS and not being able to take it for a spin as it is only for the developers. However a method has been found which would enable users to restore their iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad on iOS 4.3 Beta without necessarily having to have a developer account.

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The iOS 4.3 Beta was released shortly back and there is a jailbreak already. An unofficial version of PwnageTool has been released for the iOS 4.3 beta and the jailbreak is only supported for the iPhone 4 only.

image thumb22 Jailbreak iOS 4.3 Beta With PwnageTool! Complete Guide

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image thumb1 How To Downgrade iPhone 3G Baseband To 05.13.xx Only iPhone 3G Bootloader 5.8

Almost all the folks I know personally are always looking for a way to downgrade baseband of iPhone 3G from 06.15.00 to 5.13.xx. The reason is that the latest baseband of iPhone 3G cannot be unlocked using the ultrasn0w unlock tool. Guess what? There’s a method that can be used to restore your iPhone 3G to the official firmware using the iTunes.

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