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image thumb2 Bodylogs: Database For User Generated Health InformationBodylogs is a health resource aimed at simplifying the research process by providing the user with a consensus about a given topic. It is the go-to resource for health enthusiasts seeking practical information that they can benefit from and incorporate into their lives. Read More »

image thumb37 Hate, Murder, Rape, Facebook Is Also Playing Its Part In Rising Syphilis Cases

Am I attracting too much negativity towards myself that I more often come across bad news? The latest report is of the growing cases of Syphilis and the reason put forward by the medical experts is the highly influential Social networking site Facebook. The number of cases have gone up from less than a dozen in 2008 to over 30 last year. I find it pretty believable, given there are so many cases where women fall prey to sex offenders. That is just one of the many reasons. The other is how people on the social networking site try to hook up with the opposite sex for causal sex.

Not all are of course because of this, but social networking sites are one reason for this. According to the same report, one in every four cases suffers from this owing to social networks, where they are constantly in search of being intimate with the opposite gender. To make the situation worse their activities are unprotected. The numbers provided are for Durham, Teesside and Sunderland and if it is really so widespread already, I bet the same would grow further in other regions.

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image thumb75 Get a hold of all those medical records, scan and upload them on Google Health

The worst thing associated to being ill other than the health is the bulk of papers, be it prescriptions, patient or medical records, etc. Google, as usual is up to make things easier by letting users better organize all the paper-works by putting them online. Users can scan their records and put them up online on Google Health accounts they have. Google also encourages users to put up their wishes in advance, in case they fall sick to an extent where communication becomes impossible, this way their family  members and doctors can do what the patient desires. The initiative is more than useful, as it removes the need to carry your medical record as an excess baggage every time you visit a doctor, the best being users can show up these records to any doctor, no matter what part of the world they are in.