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image thumb5 Facebook And Other Social Networks Can Take Advantage Of Location For Better Friend Suggestions, Says Cambridge Research

If you are a regular visitor to an art gallery or for instance a library there is a high probability that you will end up being friends with a couple of people there if not all. The reason is pretty simple; common interests and the fact places such as these are more likely to have people connected compared to those like the parks, shopping malls or stadiums. Social networking sites come with a similar purpose; to connect friends, friends of friends and based on common interests. But researchers at the Cambridge’s Computer Library are putting forward another idea; connecting people based on places they visit.

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image thumb90 Facebook Launches Location Features, New iPhone App, Check in And Partners With Gowalla, Yelp And FourSquare

We had been hearing about the Facebook event and the coming of Places to the social network. The event is live at the moment and you can watch it right here.

The event started off late and it has already got over 5,000 people watching. The announcements are pretty much and in all honesty they look appealing. Some of the key announcement and products to come:

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