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image thumb14 8 Step Guide On How To Install Google Voice On iPod Touch [Jailbreak Only]

Users have numerous issues with using the iOS based devices. An app of two might work on the iPhone but not on the iPad or the iPod Touch and a similar issue was voiced when the official Google Voice App was released for the iPhone. The app didn’t function on the iPod Touch.

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image thumb5 Android 2.3 Gingerbread Coming To Google Nexus One Soon As Google Puts Off Nexus Two Release

While I was away taking time off, I missed out the Samsung Mobile Event in New York and the possibility of the Samsung/Google Nexus Two. The news is that the release of the Nexus Two from Samsung has been delayed owing to some hardware issues in the device. Glad, Google didn’t rush with the release as it would have been quite a big blow to both Samsung and Google, in my humble opinion.

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image thumb4 Facebook For Android Gets An Update. Brings Places, Groups To Your Android Phone

Facebook recently released an update for the Facebook for Android at the Facebook Mobile Event. We were anticipating a rumored Facebook phone, but it appears that Mark Zuckerberg and team thought to keep it for some time later, or maybe it was never meant to be. However coming back to the Facebook for Android, the update has finally brought quite a lot of needed features for the social network users on their Android smartphones.

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image thumb3 Android 3.0 Gingerbread Releasing On November 11! Right After The Rumored Google Nexus Two Release

There has been quite a lot of talk about Gingerbread and we are well aware that is the next version of the Android. The Android 2.3 / 3.0 as we would put it in numbers. This Android 3.0 aka Gingerbread is expected to be rolled out on November 11 as reported.

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image thumb85 And Here Is The Google Nexus Two By Samsung!

It as only yesterday that we reported the rumors of the upcoming Google Nexus Two from Samsung and today Gizmodo, as always confirmed the Android 3.0, Gingerbread based smartphone from Samsung. Many might be thinking why Google didn’t go with HTC? Much like it did with the Nexus One, but honestly speaking, Samsung’s Galaxy S’ had done remarkably well with its powerful hardware, leaving little doubt as to why Google opted for Samsung.

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image thumb83 Samsung To Announce Google Nexus Two On November 8 In New York City, As Rumors Put It

I bet quite a lot of you must have used the Google Nexus One? Rumors are growing strong on the Google Nexus Two which is reported to be announced next month on November 8. And here’s shocker, the Android based smartphone will not be manufactured by the seasoned HTC, which leaves Samsung to be the one managing the hardware bit.

The rumor has the backing of many reliable sources to make it believable. In my opinion the move was pretty obvious primarily because of the much appreciated Samsung Galaxy S which alone sold over 5 million of its devices. The reason for such a massive success was the Galaxy S’ extremely powerful hardware [though I seriously hate Samsung phones]. Coming over to the device specifications, the Nexus Two will have:

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image thumb77 Android Market now Offering 100,000 Apps, Still Quite A Distance To Compete The App Store

The Android Market has just crossed the 100,000 App mark. That’s just what came in as a message on Twitter from the AndroidDev as he shared the Google Mobile OS surpassing a major milestone. I bet the Apple fans are going to jump in with comments slurring that this is no thing compared to what the App Store has to offer and an equally large number of apps for the jailbroken devices. But that’s not the argument for this post.

Google only recently expanded the territories of the Android Market by extending it to over 20 countries. 20 countries plus and an open sourced mobile OS is all you need to attract the brainy developers out there to add more apps, be they utilities or games to the market. The Android only recently took over market shares from the Apple iPhone in the US and it continues to expand exponentially. And while the apps for the iOS based devices might be thrice as many as those n the Android Market [around 280,000 Apps], I can see that the number will be crossed easily in the next year.

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image thumb38 More Smartphone Users Prefer Android Over The iPhone [Graphs]

We have reported a countless times of Google leading the race when it comes to smartphone shares. The Android has grown and is growing by leaps and bounds as more smartphone consumers opt for the Android OS. The iPhone has its own dominance but its shares have been dropping down. That by no means should indicate that the iPhone is a bad device or that Steve Jobs’ aging craziness has driven people away from it.

I keep an eye on trends and lookout for reasons why Android is going. Lets keep aside the Android being an excellent OS, lets keep aside the freedom it gives to developers with its Open Environment to regularly update apps in the Android Market Place. Put aside the fact that Apple with its strict policing of the App Store turns your hair gray before your app makes it to the store. Even put aside the hard work that the developer teams put up to bring you jailbreak tools like Limera1n, GreenPoisOn, etc to enable you to use the non-App Store apps. That’s creating a paradox, isn’t it? Let me come to the point.

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image thumb29 Google Registers 23% Revenue Growth In Q3 Earnings, Looks Set For A Stronger Q4

Google just released its financial earnings for the third quarter and the results are remarkable. The earning have jumped up by over 23 percent to around $7.3 Billion with the net income rising to $2.2 Billion. The quarter to quarter growth stood at 7% with the share price climbing to $7.4.

From the financial summary, the Q3 shows strong gains over what the revenue was in the same quarter in 2009. The net income grew from $1.64 Billion in 2009 to $2.17 Billion in the current. The primary source of revenue demographically was the US where Google registered close to 50% of its total revenue, amassing $3,517 million compared to $2,929 Million from the rest of the world, excluding the United Kingdom where it generated $840 Million.

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image thumb17 Google Has Cars Driving Without Drivers… And They Don’t Crash!

If you come across a car speeding on the roads of San Francisco and your kid in the backseat jumps calling it a ghost a car, relax. What you just saw was Google’s latest brainchild. The automatic cars are part of Google’s robotics research and these have been moving around in the SF area and have already covered over 140,000 miles. All this can come from Google and I have no doubts regarding this.

The cars utilize multiple technologies ranging from radar sensors, video cameras to laser range finders to map traffic on the go. Of course there’s a human driver on the seat to take charge if there is a malfunction of any sort.

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