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google wave snapshots inbox thumb Google to transform Conversations/Communication on the Web: Floods out Google Wave

If it’s about bringing something new to the web, Google makes sure it maintains its leads. It did the same with the announcement (following that of Web Elements) of Google Wave, a new tool that enables in browser collaboration and communication, which can very well transform the way we define emailing. The idea is to make communication unified and concurrent, meaning that communication across the web should become analogous to how we communicate in reality. How does that happen? Well the team has built up a methodology that amalgamates email, chats, project management software and IM, giving us a chance to keep track of all activity as it happens, by recording every step in the communication procedure. With this technology put to practice, you will actually be seeing each character as it is typed, instead of waiting for the entire sentence to appear abruptly. The concept behind is to make conversations across the web Real Time and give users the power to feel the presence of each person involved in conversation. Now when I lay so much emphasis on conversation/communication it involves everything, from sending instant messages to sharing files.

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image thumb88 Google prepares to begin Android Developer Challenge has plenty of cash to offer for developers (Winners that is)

It’s not just an Android that Google is giving away to attendants at the Google I/O but it has got more for its developers. By developers I am emphasizing on developers in the Android community. To encourage more developers create more for the platform, Google has announced its Android Developer Challenge. The submissions will begin from August and this challenge is open to anyone with an Android handset and each of those owners can also vote via a dedicated app from the Android Market. The purpose of these votes is to determine top 20 apps in ten categories. The categories include:

Google I/O 2009 was meant to brig new features and with an added free Android G1 giveaway. long with that it also released its new product called Web Elements. The new product would enable developers, site owners to easily integrate/embed numerous Google products to their pages. It works around by offering users widgets of it products that can all appear on a single page. Those widgets total to 8 in number and include Calendar, Custom Search, Conversation, Maps, News, Spreadsheets, YouTube news and Presentations. I particularly liked the YouTube News widget that pulls in news videos from 13 different news agencies as well as the conversation widget. The conversation widget lets you create a comment box on a topic of your choice  and users can place their comments by signing in with Google Friend Connect. That’s not it, the widget also has auto translate features as well. The web elements may not entirely be a new concept but how Google has put it makes it more exciting and ever useful. You can view more of those widgets below.

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image thumb87 Google becomes Santa Clause at Google I/O: Free Android Phone for all

I had my mouth open when I read this an Android G1 for everyone at Google I/O and to be honest I am envious of all those present there. And to finish it off with a topping, the lucky folks are going to get unlimited 3G access and talk time for a whole month. Now the G1 may not be the most handsome of handsets out there but the software it runs is what adds weight to the device itself. The give away is a thank you from Google to its deserving developer community. We have got another major event coming up, from an even bigger player in the game, Apple’s WWDC. But mind you, there is going to be no giveaways of any devices (I am pretty sure of this), even if it’s the very first Mac ready to be discarded.

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image thumb80 From Live to Kumo/Bing and $100 million in marketing..Microsoft continues its struggle to compete with Google in Search

Now when I hear about Microsoft trying one thing or the other in order to stand and compete Google in Search, I just laugh it off. They have tried bribing users with Cash backs for using Live Search and now they are trying to put the rebranding of Live.com into reality. The name taken for the project was Kumo (a codename for the time being), which in Japanese means a cloud or spider. Rightly chose, I can bet it’s going to remain cloud-ed or spider-ed by the overwhelming presence of Google. The search engine has been given a name, Bing  and is definitely not an update to Live.com. Bing will be released within a couple of days, but what actually triggered me to write another post on this was MG Siegler’s report of a leaked Bing logo and Microsoft spending as much as a $100 million on it marketing campaign. That isn’t actually a logo, rather a favicon that be a part of the logo itself.

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image thumb78 Google Street View all too serious about not revealing identities: Blurs Colonel Sanders face on every KFC banner

There has been quite some issues associated to Google’s Street View, those about it attacking privacy, etc. Well it appears Street View has taken all that far too seriously and is even blurring images uncle Sanders images on ad banners of KFC restaurants. I was a bit surprised reading this one and never thought Google would be so cautious to even try and reveal cartoon characters completely. Sounds pretty useless and if this is really happening on purpose, I can bet we will be seeing blurred faces on statues, etc. Anyone with an idea on what this is exactly? I think it’s more of an issue with Street View’s blurring algorithm that has applied it to every image it detects.

gmaillogo thumb Google releases anther Gmail Feature: Inbox Preview

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image thumb61 Google puts Auto Translate in Gmail so that the next time you dont scratch your head reading a language you dont understand

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image thumb53 Now Googles Algorithm will help its HR know whos going to quit

Google is using its algorithms for purposes beyond making its Search strong and that other purpose is to tell which one of its employees will be waving goodbye to Google. And the best part is, Google might know it long before they even start thinking of doing so. The search giant will use this feature; which is still in beta (as everything else about Google is), uses quantitative analysis to find employees who might just be loosing interest in the company and would sooner or later call it quits. The idea behind integrating its power tool with HR is to keep the cream as its employees are slowly moving out. This would help Google find ways to continue engaging its employees in activity and have a chance to be a part at contributing towards innovation. Well from the report it appears the tests have proved successful in quite a few cases and Google has managed to retain key employees using the same.

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