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image thumb14 Google Releases Crash And Burn Chrome: The Experimental Chrome Canary Build

Keep evolving if you are to stay on top of the line. That is what I think and perhaps it comes from Google and its powerful web browser, Chrome. The browser has just got a latest experimental build titled the Chrome Canary and it is in every a threat to users. What makes its threatening or risky? Well Google plans to introduce this build with a bid that changes inducted will be implemented without any user verification. Which means you are the lab monkey testing out changes first up.

Before I head on further, know the risks:

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image thumb57 Google Preparing To Release New Features On Gmail?

Looks like there are a few updates ready to be introduced by Google for Gmail. According to the Google Systems blog, the internal build for Google’s email service has quite a lot of new features that have been spotted. Those that have already been in tests for quite some time now.

Once these changes are introduced, users will be able to see links to Mail, Contacts and Tasks just below the logo of Gmail along side a button taking place of the text link for composing an email message. Other notable changes include:

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image thumb30 “Bing, Can We Borrow Your UI?” Google Tweaks Its Image Search Interface

Looks as if there is a greater influence of Bing coming Google’s way as the search engine pushes its images.google.com to a more visual mode. The Image Search Engine has shed off quite some weight in this experimental redesign and from the looks of it, it appears pleasant. Does that mean I was being arrogant to appreciate Microsoft’s Bing? Not exactly, but Google was simply getting too untidy with image results.

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image thumb15 YouTube Accounts To Be Integrated With Google Accounts: For A More Unified Access

Google appears to be rooting out accounts for YouTube and integrating with Google accounts system. We are already aware that new accounts on YouTube are created by using the cross site access functionality to use the online video sharing service. Most of the YouTube users from the pre-Google purchase have YouTube accounts that are not connected to Google, the idea to have one access for everything is a clever idea for sure.

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image thumb84 China Hammers Another Ban: Google Suggest Feature Now Un Suggested

Google is getting some kicking in China and Pakistan by the authorities. I had been experiencing a block on certain Google Search Suggestions on random sites by the PTA and I kept ignoring this until I came across news from Cnet. While it’ about China extending its impenetrable firewall further.

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image thumb79 Google Desperate To Rock The Social Networking Arena With A Facebook Competitor

Google made quite a buzz about Google Buzz in trying to compete the likes of Twitter, FriendFeed, etc. Honestly it isn’t that big of a success. And while all this was supposed to have down, Digg’s founder, Kevin Rose tweeted a rumor. Google might be in the process of releasing it’s very own Facebook Competitor called Google Me.

Sounds more like you are forcing folks to search you on Google. Why would Google want this? In my humble opinion, it might just be a move to amalgamate its branched services into one, just like I had been predicting for well over a year now. Facebook started off as a social network and then introduced services, features like groups, fan pages, personalized profiles and now location. Head over to Google, it has all those services in the form of Buzz, Latitude for location and who can forget Google Wave? What Google would do is try and integrate these in Google Me and might just make it big.

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image thumb78 Gmail Enables Viewing Microsoft Word Documents In Your Browser

There must be a lot of you out there who get Microsoft Word files or documents as attachments to your Gmail account. What’s the worst part about it? Opening it, or saving it to a destination and then reading it! Worry no more as Gmail now lets you view these attachments right in the browser.

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image thumb63 Google Voice Now Available For Everyone – Let One Number Represent All

Google sure has taken all the time it could before expanding its Google Voice service beyond specific regions and users to everyone. There have been controversies of course, with Apple playing it ugly by blocking the Google Voice App for the iPhone and the latest reports of Google being sued for patent violations by Frontier Corporations. This isn’t new for Google and it wont stop it from finally rolling the service out for the masses.

Google has been up and about with its Voice service, introducing its mobile web application, its voice mail player integrated with Gmail. There were of course hiccups with the service as many users reported of the voice calls dropping every few seconds but there have been reasonable improvements over time as promised with the new features  included.

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image thumb23 Google Brings Map Review To Gmail And Google Buzz

There is nothing better than having a preview of what or where the link takes you to, given that so many of us use Google Maps to point out locations in our emails. Google has kept that in mind and introduced Google Maps preview in both its Gmail and the Google Buzz. Users will now be able to be able have a preview of the map links in the services.

The service is currently available to residents of the United States and will soon be followed by expanding the same Internationally, perhaps Pakistan too. The feature can be easily enabled by going to you Gmail Labs and then the Settings. From there you can enable it by selecting Google Maps Review. With this done you will be able to preview the map right in your email.

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