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image thumb9 Google AdWords Bid Management Software   WordWatch

Everyone running Google AdWords campaigns knows that checking and adjusting keyword bids every day can really be a hassle. Until now, small businesses and startups have had to manage their advertising on top of doing everything else that goes along with owning a business. There just isn’t enough time in a day to do it all on your own and that’s exactly why you need WordWatch.

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Thought after several questions being asked by many a friends on what are the different mobile payment methods that something simple should be shared. While an explanation is not a problem, nothing beats a good infographic at getting the point through. So here we are sharing this.

The infographic very briefly explains the different mobile payment methods that exist. Some of those are:

  • Mobile at the Point of Sale: the best example would be the Google Wallet.
  • Mobile as the Point of Sale
  • The Mobile Payment Platform
  • Direct Carrier Billing: where a purchase amount is adjusted in your carrier billing
  • Closed Loop mobile payment

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Gmail Down Again

failwhale Gmail Down Again

It appears Google has taken a dump with the dump of Google Buzz, Jaiku and many other services it plans to kill. It appears that Gmail is down globally and where it is working, it is very slow. Make that very very slow as a matter of fact. Any clues why Gmail is down?

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image thumb10 Google News: 190 Million Android Devices Activated, That’s Half A Million Daily!

576,900 Android Device activations a day is a mammoth number. And Google is rejoicing the number that prove the growing popularity of the Android platform. The number has gone up by almost 100,000 from June, when it was reported that Android activations total to 500,000 devices on a daily basis.

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real time 520x279 Google Rolling Out Real Time Analytics, Instant Stats, Instantly!

It was quite tiring to wait for Google to show updates to the Analytics on your blog or any website. There were issues with time zones, seeing if the breaking news that you just covered is being any good in terms of getting new clicks etc. While Google Analytics was a great a tool, it lacked the quickness of real time. Today it got better as Google announced Real Time Analytics Reports. Great!

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googlesim 300x224 Google Flights: Introducing Google SIM, Next Landing Is Telecom?

While Google has got the Voice feature in works in the US, it is unavailable globally. The feature is a must have, one that everyone can use, would want to use. There have been rumors about Google working on bringing Google Voice to Europe as well and soon to the rest of its global community. While this is still some time away, reports yesterday put brought forth the Google SIM. Could this be how Google plan on bringing the Voice feature to the Europe and other countries?

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hangoutsonyourphone2 Google Opens Signups On Google+

At last the invite only dilemma for Google+ signup takes eases as Google announced that the social network was now open for signup to anyone interested. The growth during the invite only phase was phenomenal with over 10 million users signing up in just 16 days of its launch. This was significantly higher than Twitter that took over two years and Facebook taking a whopping 853 days. The Open Signup is the 100th feature officially announced by Google.

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authorize Google Makes Google+ API Available For Developers: Thrive Google+!

Google+ is set to get richer as Google today announced the release of the Google+ API. They had kept the API with them, developing the +1 button, circles, hangouts, games and while doing all that on your own, the idea to let it out in the open and allow the countless developers to play with it is something that ensures a viral growth.

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Jobs 365,000 New Jobs In UK– Google Predictions. Can Be 10 Times Higher In Developing Nations

If someone tells an opportunist that investing in something would result in over 100 new jobs daily, would entice him to hear more and be ready to invest. Especially if that idea is all about co-creation, collaboration and involves least possible investment from a unified body. That’s what the Internet can do, mentioned Phillip Schindler, London based vice-president of Google. Well actually the Internet has been doing exactly that in the last 5 years, maybe not hundreds of jobs daily but it has definitely opened up more doors to the youngsters and almost single handedly spread the word of entrepreneurship far and wide, so much that even the guy who has no idea of what that means, somehow knows what it refers to. Paradox? Maybe, but I couldn’t put it better than this.

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image thumb7 IBM Dominates The Tech Service Industry.. Right, But For How Long?

IBM as a whole as had its ups and downs, but when in need of some good, reliable tech support it’s hard to match what they got going on in that arena. While Microsoft, Google, Apple, and others will continue to dominate the personal computer software market, places like IBM have become an industry standard for computer service as a whole. And I guess they will continue to enjoy this dominance as long as computing exists.

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