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image thumb17 Don’t Give Up On Wave Yet, Next Step Is Google “Wave In A Box”

Google isn’t giving up on Wave, why should they? Firstly the product was worth everything, secondly if it is to be killed, it will be a definite waste of immense amount of code, expertise and a possibility of strangling one of the biggest open source projects. Google feels exactly the same which is why it is looking forward to keep it alive. In some manner.

Google Wave as we know of now will see a makeover and will be introduced as a more complete application, which would put both the Wave Server and the Web client in a box. The details have already been shared on the Wave Developer blog and some features of the project include:

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image thumb23 Wave Takes A Bow As Google Waves It Goodbye

Google Wave is done with further development. No need to panic, the service was a bit too difficult for an average user to understand despite being one of the most powerful and interactive service that married instant messaging with Twitter and email, it never really got traction from users. Primarily because it was difficult to play around with, thanks to the likes of Twitter, Gtalk, MSN Messenger, etc that have made us lazy and more accustomed to less simpler services.

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image thumb83 Google Wave on the iPhone .. but it is Un Google

Google Wave is on the App Store and apparently neither Google or Apple is aware of that. Reports state that there is already an app for the much praised Google Wave at $0.99. Wow and I bet it’s still out there, kudos to CLapps who also develop games for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  The developer is definitely going to enjoy it while it lasts, which means until people at Google get after it and have it removed. I am surprised that if Google Wave is already functional on the iPhone, why haven’t they launched the app as yet?