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googlesim 300x224 Google Flights: Introducing Google SIM, Next Landing Is Telecom?

While Google has got the Voice feature in works in the US, it is unavailable globally. The feature is a must have, one that everyone can use, would want to use. There have been rumors about Google working on bringing Google Voice to Europe as well and soon to the rest of its global community. While this is still some time away, reports yesterday put brought forth the Google SIM. Could this be how Google plan on bringing the Voice feature to the Europe and other countries?

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Google continues to make official entry into the Apple inventory as it today announced support for iPod Touch and the iPad for its Google Voice App. The approval for the iPhone took well over a year before iPhone users were blessed by the app. And quite luckily Google was quick to add support for the iPod Touch and the iPad.

image thumb55 Google Voice  App Now Supports iPod Touch And iPad

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image thumb14 8 Step Guide On How To Install Google Voice On iPod Touch [Jailbreak Only]

Users have numerous issues with using the iOS based devices. An app of two might work on the iPhone but not on the iPad or the iPod Touch and a similar issue was voiced when the official Google Voice App was released for the iPhone. The app didn’t function on the iPod Touch.

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image thumb9 Audioo Steps Out To Be The Global Database For Human Voice – Impressive and Useful For A Variety Of Purposes

Who doesn’t want to be a part of the conversation anywhere? You throw a topic at a crowd and you are bound to get loads of opinion, irrespective if it’s something serious you talk about out or not. The Web with all the essential tools and services it has to offer, be it social networking sites like Facebook or twitter to Google’s Voice service. Google Voice, there has to be a way to save all those conversations and someone else was thinking along the same lines and brought forward Audioo.

The startup has launched with a purpose to create a database of human voice. The project has initiated with an idea to start with voicemail sharing and plans to further increase the database by including any voice recording available. What I like about the application is that it enables you to search the entire database with keywords or by your area code. There also categories for you to browse through and find any voice, be it associated to work, fun or even those that are sexy. The idea is pretty clever,

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image thumb85 Google pulls the shutters on Grand Central – who needed it?

After acquiring it in 2007, Google has finally decided to pull the plug on Grand Central. Grand Central was or rather it is now Google Voice and Google had done quite a lot to improve it over time but it apparently fills in no purpose. The accounts were already shifted to Google Voice earlier. Since we all have Google Voice to go with, it won’t really matter if Grand Central exists or not, does it?

image thumb9 SMS and Email finally integrate for Google Voice

Google has finally heard all those request and has enabled text message forwarding to email, which was previously not there for Google Voice. This would let users respond to text messages via email and forward their texts messages to their email accounts. This is great as users have been anticipating for the feature for quite a long time though there were other third party apps that allowed users to do that but those required your Google credentials, which many consider to be a bad idea.

image thumb153 Google Voice wont let you make longer calls. Calls drop after 15 minutes

There is a new issue with Google Voice or should I say an existing issue that surfaces apart from is rejection from the iPhone. Presently users have reported that each call they make using the application is terminated after 15 minutes. Now 15 minutes is a good enough time for a call but the automated termination leaves one questioning the quality of the service. I am not sure if many out there would even notice this, especially those like me for whom a call is not a marathon to compete in. But still Google needs to get its act sorted and not lose credibility.

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