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image thumb48 Googles Go was a name already taken for a programming language

Now I didn’t know that Google GOing ahead to call its programming language Go would dig out some old ruins. Apparently Google has either been too careless with this  or it really wanted to use its massive influence to overrun Frank McCabe’s efforts. Yes, McCabe  has stepped out with solid proofs that state he already had a programming language by that name along with a book called Let’s Go! Now this is really annoying given that all your hard efforts just go in vain given that Big Daddy has chosen the same for his language. Google on the other hand is just quite, rather claims to be unaware of any such name to exist.

image thumb39 Go: Google steps into programming languages

C ++, Python, Ruby on Rails, etc, Google thinks its time to add its bit of share to the programming languages. No its not investing in an existing language, rather bringing Go, its new programming language. The programming language is in experimental stages and has all the positives of C++ and has the agility of Python (I am not sure if agility was the right word here]. But the mascot chosen; Gordon the gopher doesn’t appear to go with either. Lets see how this fares and what exactly Google stands up with in due time to come.