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image thumb138 Transform Your iPhone Into A Professional Camera With These 2 Lenses

We all love taking photos and the advent of powerful smartphones, with equally powerful and high quality cameras has made each one of us a photographer. But there is a lot left desired. I mean it isn’t a dedicated high quality camera and that is because the camera phone lens doesn’t give you all that functionality; the fish eye, wide angle or the macro function for an extreme closeup. Worry not, there is something to lift this up as Photojojo shares with us detachable Camera phone Lens.

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image thumb69 Manymoon Brings Contextual Gadget To Gmail: Making Task Management More Efficient

Manymoon, a startup founded in 2009 which is a social productivity tool that enables users to plan and accomplish the launch of products, building a house or simply planning an event launched another useful app last week. The idea was to bring similar functionalities to Google’s Gmail with its new gadget.

The gadget available for Google users helps them complete their tasks, manage projects. All this is done right within their email. Simply add the gadget to your Gmail account and it lets you transforms your both your contents and contacts from being static to more actionable. Lets say you are sent an email that requires you to complete a task before the week ends. You can simply have it updated as a task with the Manymoon gadget, you can then simply add a due date to the task and the gadget reminds you about it a day before the deadline.

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