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The iPhone Is Not A Transformer

The iPhone tested for the Transformer mode. Fail is written all across it, we just wonder who actually would tried this. Totally understand all of us are intelligent but there just might be one of the users who thought the Airplane mode meant getting your iPhone in the air.

image thumb7 The iPhone Is Not  A Transformer

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image thumb1 5 Wikipedia Donation Fails You Can’t Miss

We must promote the availability of knowledge for free. Far and wide and to as many people out there as possible. And when it comes to information, Wikipedia is the best source for all this (though I believe quite a lot of information was written by people who had no one to listen to their whining). What we do love about Wikipedia is when they have poor Jimmy Wales right on top of every article appealing for donations for Wikipedia, just to keep the knowledge hub running.

We are sharing some of the most WTF Donate For Wikipedia Moments and would love to have our readers share the same with us. Have you ever performed a search on Wikipedia for an odd word or personality and found Jimmy Wales picture right above that odd name or word? Feel free to share links! In the meantime enjoy ours!

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If you thought the word had little reasons for you to LOL, you need to think again. All you need to do is trust your iPhone Autocorrect or any other autocorrect on any other phone and send messages that are everything but sane. We thought about putting up a list of top iPhone Autocorrect Fails in this post to share with our readers. The purpose, to start the new week on a lighter note and warn you to not trust Autocorrect.

STD For Halloween

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Funniest iPhone Autocorrect Fails!

Fail Funniest iPhone Autocorrect Fails!Enough of serious stuff and talking about how tos and all. I guess this blog has been missing some funny stuff alike. Tech has its own fails and the worst happens when you use the autocorrect feature on your mobile devices. With great advancements in the current smartphones and the immense speed of getting tasks they provide, they help committing laughable mistakes.

Therefore we have today the top iPhone autocorrect fails that have ever been come across.

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image thumb64 April Fool On Facebook And a Funny Pranks

The region I am in, April 1st is a little over 10 minutes away and I am almost ready ready to receive a plethora of messages from everywhere trying to fool me and everyone alike. I just thought about giving April Fool a search and surprisingly there was only one group. You can follow the link here to become a a fan of the page (or Like it if the social network pushes the changes anytime soon).

The page has over 8,000 fans, which to be honest is very low for a subject of this sort. As of now the current message reads that a random person will be chosen from the group and targeted for a prank, at least that is what I perceive. The page is an example of the many we see that rise to fame owing to some occasion and craze and then dying down. To be honest there isn’t really something interesting as of now on the page except for random posts and discussion and it by no means gives an impression of being a page for April Fool.

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We have shared a lot of videos meant to be funny about Facebook and funny experiences. However I came across a very interesting album from a friend of friend and found it hilarious. To be honest these are the exact type of people I don’t appreciate being on the social network. I understands it’s a free world and freedom of speech wont harm anyone, but there are people like the ones visualized in the pics below. I hope you all find it worth the time you spend looking at them and share. The Filterless is the best one, which one do you like best?

image thumb110 Funny: Facebook Don’ts In Pictures. This Is How You Can Kill Your Online Reputation

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