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funding thumb Coupa raises $7.5 Million in Series C

Coupa has raised a healthy $7.5 Million in Series C round of funding, which came from El Dorado Ventures, Battery Ventures and BlueRun Ventures. Coupa provides software suite based on Ruby on Rails enabling firms to keep the much needed control on the costs. This is done continually checking supplies, purchases, etc and finding the best possible ways to spend the budget on. The concept behind the startup is pretty innovative and helpful and apart from assisting firms make decisions on purchases, etc it also helps with better smoothing the communication between employees, in short the startup helps employees and execs to better collaborate with each other.

funding thumb19 Solvate bags $2.3 Million for its problem solving service

Solvate bagged $2.3 Million in its current round of funding for its virtual service that provides pay as you go service. The service puts requests for assistance by offering consulting services to small businesses. Plus its feed also features lists of job vacancies which include those related to helping firms to set up international wireless service and to assist companies switch from one email service to another. I hope the startup is able to solve its financial issues if it has any with the current round of funding.

funding thumb18 MyShape grabs $10.5 Million in a new round of funding, eyes for more

Online clothes shopping site, myShape has raised a new round of funding that is close to the $10.5 Million in value. The site provides options/tips upon been given the measurements by users along with their preferences of the fashion and fitting they like. myShape has been shaping up pretty well since the past one year as its traffic has almost doubled and has continued to raise healthy rounds. I am not quite sure if this is the actual amount they wanted to raise as the company had been eying more than $16 Million, so far none of the representatives have confirmed and we will update once we get more news.

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image thumb147 Showclix raises Series A for online ticketing

Event Search engine startup, Showclix has raised an undisclosed sum in its Series A round of funding. The round came from Pittsburgh Equity Partners which focuses on funding information technology startups. The funds of course will be used to expand the business of the startup and market its product far and wide. The startup is competing Ticketmaster in the web based solutions to event organizers and promoters, etc across the U.S.

funding thumb17 ShowClix continues to battle with Ticketmaster, raises first round of funding

ShowClix raised its first of funding worth $570,000 of the expected $850,000 it needs to raise. The funding came from Pittsburgh Equity Partners and the startup hasn’t really confirmed the exact amount it has raised or plans to in the existing round. ShowClix has been trying hard to make it big by challenging the dominance of Ticketmaster in online ticketing industry and has even spend a lot of cash to pursue people into making them select its own platform instead of Ticketmaster.

funding thumb16 $5 Million funds  com to Jambool

Social Gold micropayment platform creator, Jambool has raised $5 Million in a new round of funding. The round was led by Madrona Venture Group along with participation from Bay Partners. The startup initiated as developer for games for the social networks but moved over to micropayments as the market has been charged up by Playfish and Zynga. I guess the move is pretty intelligent given that there is a dearth of such platforms in a market where gamers continue to create games for the social networks.

funding thumb15 LifePics raises $1.98 Million for its photo service

LifePics raised $1.98 Million for its b2b photo sharing site in a new round of funding. The company which has been in works for almost a decade now has provided both photographers and businesses associated to photography to accept orders online as well as offer services. Photo sharing sites have everything to make use of online and LifePics with more than 20,000 stores that are its customers, the service is doing pretty well to stay in business for an even longer period.

funding thumb14 Socialware bags $1.5 Million in a new round

Socialware the development firm for social networks has raised $1.5 Million in a new round of funding. The  is a part of $1.7 Million which it expects to raise in the existing round. BazaarVoice initiated the startup and was created as a platform for social media analytics and management.

funding thumb13 Zendesk bags $6 Million in Series B

On demand customer support solution provider Zendesk has had investors interested in its idea as it raised $6 Million in its series B round of funding. The investment came from Benchmark Capital along with its partner Peter Fenton joined Zendesk’s board of directors. The round follows the earlier Series A which it raised in May.

image thumb67 Online Fashion sites, Fashion Playtes raises $1.5 in first round

New Atlantic Ventures and LaunchCapital led the $1.5 Million first round of funding for Fashion Playtes. The startup is yet to make it to the public and will emerge as on online fashion community that enables girls create their own designs for clothes and buy them right there. The startup is leveraging the right category as their has been quite a lot of business for such sites in the recent past with easy flow of cash. Lets wait and see how it fares after the site goes public late this year.