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image thumb31 Zokem Raises 2 Million Euros For Sharing Your Mobile Activity

I remember talking to Ludovic Gaudé, CEO about Zokem, the Finnish startup that provided the app for your mobile to share your activity with connections. The application on your smartphone turned your activity on the phone and had it distributed using its on device sensor technology. You could be listening to music, trying to call in your friend or playing a game, whatever you did was on the main site being recorded and shared.

Arctic Startup reports that the startup has raised a healthy 2 Million Euros in funding and has adopted a new methodology to grip how consumers use their mobiles. Called the Zokem 360°, it enables the technology to better grip user activity on the phones and make it more useful for anyone who can utilize data. My only problem when I used the application was that it had too much control of the information I shared and honestly, it tracked a lot of my behaviour.

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image thumb8 StockTwits stocks another round worth $3 Million

The Twitter Twitter for Stock investors, StockTwits has been successful in bagging another bag of cash as it raised $3 Million in Series B. The round was led by Foundry Group while added its partner, Seth Levine to StockTwits’ Board. The startup, which was launched last year enables users of the micromessaging service, Twitter to manage and share stock news, etc as easily as they share tweets on Twitter. It has progressed ever since with its own app for the purpose which can be easily integrated with Twitter accounts. I bet the service has the right ingredients to grow with time, primarily amongst those associated to the Stock market.

image thumb99 Facebook Co Founder Dustin Moscovitz raises $9 Million for his Startup: Asana

Facebook has grown quite a lot and therefore its cofounder Dustin Moscovitz is heading on to begin his own Startup called Asana. Dustin has already grabbed a very healthy $9 Million in Series A Round of funding. The round follows $1.2 Million it raised in angel funding. The current round came from Andreessen Horowitz and Benchmark Capital. Asana is still in stealth mode and is focused at providing collaboration software for the enterprise.

image thumb94 Nival Network bags $5 Million for Online Strategy Games

Nival Network, the online game developer based in Russia has raised a healthy $5 Million in its current round of funding. The investors remain undisclosed and the funds will be used in development of Prime World, which is an online strategy game targeted at the population in the former Soviet states. The Network has been around since 2008 and has pretty interesting titles under its belt which include Dragonica, Cabal Online, etc. With the social gaming on the rise, Nival Networks has a very long way to go ahead.

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image thumb62 Voddler raises 3.4 Million Euros for its movie streaming service

Voddler has raised an impressive round of funding worth 3.4 Million Euros. The investment was provided by private investors the names of which remain undisclosed. The service is a destination for movie streaming and the fund raised will be used to further develop the service itself. The company already boasts a major deal with Disney and Paramount that enables it to stream the productions’ movies.

image thumb60 Lottay raises $475K in Series A, Appoints new CEO

Lottay, the startup founded in 2008 that makes it easy for people to send and receive gifts has made some major announcements today. The company secured a healthy $475,000 in Series A round of funding. That’s not it, the company also announced hiring its new CEO, Harry Lin. The ideology behind Lottay is to enable users to make most of sending and receiving gifts online with instant delivery of gifts, be it via email or through social networks like Facebook. Users can buy gifts using the Pay Pal and when the gift is sent, the receivers are free to take the same gift or grab anything else of their choice. Sounds interesting enough, I mean what if someone gifts me something I really dislike and my heart is somewhere else? This one is intended for exactly the same people who say it would have been better had they given us cash instead!

image thumb54 Outright bags $5 Million in round two

Online bookkeeping service, Outright; which helps businesses and businessmen to keep a check on their expenses has raised $5 Million in its second round of funding. The round was led by Sequoia Capital along with participation from existing partners which include Shasta Ventures, Soft Tech VC and First Round Capital. While the service definitely helps you keep a check on your income and expenses, it is free for all till present with plans to put a price tag on numerous services it offers.

Funding thumb Real Estate Search and Brokerage service, Redfin raises $10 Million

Online real estate firm; Redfin that enables users to search for real estate and also provides brokerage services has bagged a healthy $10 Million. The funding came from existing partners which include DFJ, Madrona Venture Group and was led by Greylock Partners. The service has been doing pretty good over time stepping over to profitability earlier this year and crossing $20 Million in revenue. The site is pretty easy to use as it lets you browse through real estate and set up a schedule online saving you on all those calls. The service, while not much popular in the real world real estates, is definitely winning huge followers since its launch in 2006.

image thumb33 ArabCrunch launches ArabCrunch.NET: A social Platform for Arab Technologists and Entrepreneurs

Now many would say that ArabCrunch is similar to TechCrunch and does what TC does globally in the Arab world. But to be honest the idea put forward by Gaith was something badly needed and the founder has taken it a step ahead with the ArabCrunch.NET. It is a social networking platform for entrepreneurs, technology enthusiasts and investors in the Arab world to come together and collaborate. The platform has launched in private beta today and will help tech enthusiasts in the Arab word to come together to share, promote both services and ideas and get investors. Oh that brings me to another good news; the platform today received an undisclosed amount of investment from a former Yahoo exec, Bassel Ojjeh. Cheers to Gaith and the ArabCrunch for this.